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ebbereejeadjincorrigible; having irreparable bad behaviourOmwana gefuuye bbereeje, nolumuŋa amagesi otye sacusaho episa jije kadi.The child is incorrigible, however much he is advised, he never changes his bad behaviour., immoral4.5.4.6Rebel against authority3.3.1.7Stubbornohwetaamo ebbereejevIdiom. be rebellious4.5.4.2Disobey4.8.2Fight4.8.1.1Oppose4.5.4.6Rebel against authority3.3.1.7Stubborn3.

ehihoonyoebihoonyonknock; blow; hit; punchOmusinde oyo gakubbire ehihoonyo nagwa.That man struck me a blow and I collapsed.4.8.2Fight7.7Physical impact4.7.7Punish4.8.2.3Attack2.5.3Injure7.7.1Hit

ehikondeebikonden1blow, punch; hit with a folded palm4.8.2Fight7.7Physical impact4.7.7Punish4.8.2.3Attack2.5.3Injure7.7.1Hit2fist; hand with fingers folded and kept tightOhusoola hwali hwepusi; ŋaŋumire simbo.It was a fist fight; there were no sticks.

ehingaaleebingaalenslap; blow struck with the back of the hand4.8.2Fight4.8.2.3Attack7.7.1Hit

ehirwaniroebirwanironbattle ground; place where a fight has taken place4.8.2Fight4.8.3War

ekayaanaekayaananwrangle; controversy; dispute4.8.1Hostility4.8.2Fight3.

esooleroesooleron1what causes war4.8.2Fight4.8.3War2battlefield4.8.2Fight4.8.3War

obusoolonwar; fightOnaleete obusoolo nʼonalisye ni omwana wange.There will be a fight between you and me if you make my baby cry.Amafuta galetire obusoolo ŋagati wa Bush ni Sadam.Oil brought about war between Bush and Sadam.4.8.2Fight4.8.3War

ohubbonjavhit repeatedlyAbererera nʼabbonja abahye.He continually hits his neighbours.

ohubbutula2vhit, beat, strike severelyAmubbutuuye ogupuusi mu mugongo.He struck him on the back with his fist.

ohucoocacoocavattackOwahyo anahucoocacooca weesi omuhambuŋalira konyokogaahutya.If your neighbour attacks you toughen towards him so he fears you.4.8.2Fight4.8.2.3Attackder. ofohucooca

ohuduhanavquarrelOhuduhana huŋomera abaana abaŋere.Quarrelling suits little children. ofohuduha