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amadabaasinTaboo. buttocks; bifurcation of the human bodyEpale yeŋambiiye mu madabaasi.The trousers are stuck between the buttocks.

amaalonbottom; the lowest position8.6.2.1Bottom

edahoamadahonTaboo. buttock; one of the two rounded muscled parts of the body at the back, on which s.b. sits8.6.2.1Bottom2.1.2Torsoohumiina amadahovIdiom. brace yourself, esp. when at a grinding stone7.1.6Lean7.3.4.6Support

eriihaliroameehalironbottom; buttock8.6.2.1Bottom2.1.2Torso

hu lwandaadvat the bottom8.6.2.1Bottom

ŋaasiadv1under; space between the ground and some standing horizontal surface8., below8.5.2.5Down2on the ground6.5.2.3Floor8.5.2.5Down1.2.1Land3bottom, at the bottom8.6.2.1Bottom8.5.2.5Downŋaasi wʼenjunfloor6.5.2Parts of a building6.5.2.3Floor6.5.2.8Floor, story

obwihasin1buttocks8.6.2.1Bottom2.1.2Torso2Metaphor. residence; place where s.b. resides or is settledOwihasi wuwe wuli yi Butaleja.He resides at Butaleja. of houses5.9Live, stay

omusingiemisingin1concrete foundation of a wall6.5.2Parts of a building6.5.2.6Foundation8.6.2.1Bottom6.5.2.8Floor, story2bottom bracket; hole in a bicycle frame through which the pedal shaft passes7.