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amadabaasinTaboo. buttocks; bifurcation of the human bodyEpale yeŋambiiye mu madabaasi.The trousers are stuck between the buttocks.

ebegaamabeganshoulder; either of the two parts of the body at each side of the neck that join the arms to the bodyOmuutu anasahuluŋa amabega gahotama.When s.b. grows old, the shoulders droop.2.1.2Torso2.1.3.1Armamabegandance; where the dancer wriggles the shoulders4.2.4Dance

ebeereamabeerenbreast; one of the two soft round parts on a woman’s chest that produces milk when she has a babySaata mabeere gage mu haleega.She does not put her breasts in a brassiere. organs2.1.2Torso

edahoamadahonTaboo. buttock; one of the two rounded muscled parts of the body at the back, on which s.b. sits8.6.2.1Bottom2.1.2Torsoohumiina amadahovIdiom. brace yourself, esp. when at a grinding stone7.1.6Lean7.3.4.6Support

edondoamadondonnavel; scar that remains where the umbilical cord broke offEdondo lisobola ohulwala ni ritalabiriirwe mu hwetondola.The navel can become a wound if it is not well looked after at the time when the umbilical cord breaks off.2.1.2Torso

efambaafuamafambaafun1groin, crotch; place where the legs meet at the front of the body2.1.3.2Leg2.1.2Torso2boil at the lymph node in the groin2.5.2.2Skin disease

egagaamagaganshoulder2.1.2Torso2.1.3.1Armohubbwaga amagagavIdiom. shrug; move your shoulders as a sign rebellion, rejection, or disdain3.3.5.2Reject3.5.6.1Gesture4.3.2.1Despise someone4.5.4.6Rebel against authority

ehidaebidan1stomach; part of the body where food is digestedEhida ehibbala hitegeesa endya eyʼehigaaga.Big stomach shows eating rich food. person2.1.2Torso2.1.8.2Stomach1.6.2Parts of an animal2pregnancy; situation when a woman is pregnantSarah ali hida.Sarah is pregnant., uterus; part of the female body where a child is createdOhuba nʼomwana mu hida.Be with child in the womb. organs2.6.3.2Fetus4lineage; ancestry; parentage; family lineEhida hya Mugoya.Mugoya’s family., mother4.1.9.1Related by birth4.1.9.8Family, clan4., grandmother4.1.9Kinshipohuba ehidavIdiom. be pregnant2.6.3.1Pregnancyohutoola ehidavIdiom. conceive; get pregnant2.6.3.1Pregnancyomugendera hidanEuph. snake1.ʼehida ehiralanIdiom. twin; same womb sibling8. births

ehigudigudiebigudigudinhip; joint that connects the legs to the rest of the body2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.2Torso

ehihunyaebihunyanwaistOmusipi sigunjola mu hihunya.The belt does not fit my waist.2.1.2Torso

ekendeekenden1waist; part of the body between the ribs and the hip2.1.2Torso2dance made by wriggling the waist4.2.4Dance

embudeembudenabdomen of an insect1.6.2.4Parts of an insect2.1.2Torso

enjokesoenjokesonnipple, teat; part that sticks out from the breast of a mammal and through which milk is supplied to the young2.1.8.4Female organs2.1.2Torso1.6.2Parts of an animal

eriihaliroameehalironbottom; buttock8.6.2.1Bottom2.1.2Torso

obwihasin1buttocks8.6.2.1Bottom2.1.2Torso2Metaphor. residence; place where s.b. resides or is settledOwihasi wuwe wuli yi Butaleja.He resides at Butaleja. of houses5.9Live, stay

oluubbavar.olubabiemban1side8.6.3Side2.1.2Torso2direction; sidewaysHuluubba olunengereyeho balulanga baati ebugwa lyuba.The direction I am looking in is what they call west.7.2.2Move in a direction6.5.4.1Road8.5.2Direction8.5.2.8North, south, east, west7.2.4.6Way, route

omudiisiemidiisinTaboo. anus; lower opening of the rectumAbaatu beyedera mu mudiisi.People release themselves through the anus.2.1.8Internal organs2.1.2Torso2.2.8Defecate, feces

omuhombyoemihombyonTaboo. anus; lower opening of the rectum2.1.8Internal organs2.1.2Torso2.2.8Defecate, feces
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