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amajoliejolindecoration; things added to a place or a thing to make it look more attractive8.3.8Decorated5.4Adornment2.3.1.8Appearance5.1.2Household decoration2.

ehiraŋiadjgood, beautiful; s.t. that is very satisfactory because it is pleasant, of high quality and suitableEsambo jenywe ndaŋi.Your manners are good. sexually4.3.1Good, moral8.3.7Good6.

ohusaama1vshine, glitter; be radiantOmubiri gwʼomuhasi oyo gusaama olwʼohweŋaha amafuta.That woman’s body is shining after smearing herself with Vaseline.5.4.5Anoint the body5.4Adornment8.

omuŋoonoabaŋoononneat, tidy, clean, orderly person; s.b. that is attractive5.4.5Anoint the body5.4Adornment5.6.1Clean, dirty4.3.6.2Tidy2.