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amadumbuuhinmurky water; water that it is stirred and the particles in it rise1.3.6Water quality1.3Water

amaajinwater; liquid that is odourless, colourless, tasteless and translucent. It is necessary in the life of human beings, animals and plantsNutuhiiseho ohuganywa amaaji gatambisiwa nʼomuhubatisa mwosi.Apart from being drunk water is also used when baptising.1.3Wateramaaji agesobelen/well water1.3.6Water quality1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of water1.3.1.4Spring, wellamaaji agomulubumbunwater trapped in the topmost young banana leaf1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of wateramaaji agomwiroŋonpool; small area of still water, in a contrived or natural hollow1.3.1.1Ocean, lake1.3.1.2Swamp1.3.1Bodies of wateramaaji amangunIdiom. clean water without other substances dissolved in it1.3.6Water quality1.3Wateramaaji gomukombenwater in a tree hollow1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of wateramaaji ogomulugogonwater trapped in banana stem1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of water

amaaji agesobelen/well waterAmaji agesobele gabaamo ebiinuguse ebindi.Well water has minerals dissolved in it.1.3.6Water quality1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of water1.3.1.4Spring, wellder. ofamaaji

amaaji amangunIdiom. clean water without other substances dissolved in itAmaaji amahosiire gaba amaaji amangu.Purified water is clean water.1.3.6Water quality1.3Waterder. ofamaaji

ehisengeejoebisengeejonfunnel, filter; often made from a rolled banana leaf and containing a sieve made from twisted spear grass1.3.6Water quality1.3.2.2Pour7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed

endihoendihonconcentrated liquid; solution that is pure and not dilutedOmubisi endiho njʼomuŋwa omwenge gwʼepandu omulaŋi.Concentrated banana juice makes good banana beer.Ehinywewa ehitoma cehibamo omunolwa.A pure drink has a good taste.Buli ndiho yʼomubisi yiŋoma hya sukaali.Every concentrated juice tastes like sugar.Omwenge endiho onywaho mutotono mwene ngʼomeera.For pure beer you need very little to get drunk. quality2.3.3Taste7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed1.3.5Solutions of water5.2.3.4Prepared food

esaŋulaesaŋulansieve; part at the lower end of the tube for sucking esp. millet beer1.3.6Water quality5.2.2.7Drink7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed5. preparation

ohudumbuulav1roil, agitate; stir up water so that dirt or particles remain in suspensionEgulo amaaji gʼesobere sigadaŋiha kuba baba bagadumbuuye.It is not possible to draw water from the well in the evening because by then it is stirred up.Gasajire ecupa ngʼomwenge gudumbuuha.He churned up the banana beer in the bottle and the dregs made it murky.1.3.6Water quality1.3.2.1Flow1.3.5Solutions of water7.5.3Mix2mix upAdumbuuye ebihubaaye ni hutehateehire.He has mixed up whatever we had arranged.

ohugwalaalav1settle; become translucent, clear of dirt, of a liquid1.3.6Water quality7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed2be calm, at peace, settled; at rest,4.8.4Peace2.4.5Rest3. calm; of a water surface when it does not move, shake or have ripplesObutimba wʼenyeeni businga ohuŋaluliwa enyanja niiri ngwalaafu.The fishnets are best trawled when the lake is calm., roughohugwalaasav1level, flatten; remove raised parts6.6.6Working with land8.; make holy4.3.1Good, moral4.9.5.1Devout4.9.5.8Dedicate to religious use4.3.1.2Meet a standard4.9.5.6Religious purification8.3.7.3Perfect8.3.7.7Right, proper

ohuherehavfilter; separate solids from a liquid1.3.6Water quality7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed

ohutengamav1be still, immobile7.2.7Not moving7.2.7.1Stop moving7.2.7.2Stay, remain1.3.2.5Calm, rough2be stagnantAmaaji gatengama mwirungu sigatiina.The water in a swamp is stagnant it does not go anywhere.1.3.6Water quality7.2.7Not moving1.3.2.5Calm, rough

ohuteehav1settle, of sediment at the bottom of waterEfuuhe linaba mu maaji liŋira ehiseera hireeŋi ko gateeha.It takes a long time for dust in water to settle.1.3.6Water quality7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed2become calm, of water, e.g., on a lakeEnyanja yitehire.The lake is calm., rough3Metaphor. arrange for the ‘omweso’ game to begin8.4.4.1Plan a time4. an event6. something for use4Metaphor. be settled in mindTeehire omwoyo kuba manyire ti egaali namu enatwose.I am settled because I know that the sound bicycle will make us arrive safely.4.8.4Peace2.3.5.1Comfortable3.4.1Feel good3. something7.5.5Organize

oluboohan1film; thin layer on s.t.Ohubona huhwe hwa biroliroli olwʼohuba ali nʼolubooha hu moni.His sight is impaired by a film on his eyes.8.6Parts of things8.6.4.1Outer part1.2.3.1Liquid2green algae; very minute plants without leaves or roots floating on stagnant waterOnanywera olubooha mu maaji luhulwasa.If you drink algae in water you get sick.1.3.6Water quality1.5.4Moss, fungus, algae3cream; fatty part of milk that collects on its topOmuzigo gwʼeŋombe guŋwa mu lubooha.Ghee is made from the cream of the cow’s milk.Aluuye ohunywa cai gaŋola nga gajaho olubooha.He delayed in taking his tea which had cooled and formed a film at the top. products