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amafuginblood; red liquid that is sent around the body of a vertebrate by the heart that carries nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and removes wastes and carbon dioxide from themAmafugi gaŋamba ganafuŋiwaho epuuji.Blood clots when exposed to the wind.Amafugi goosi gaba mu byomuhida byʼesolo.Blood is also found in the internal organs of animals.2.2.5Bleed, bloodohugeesya amafugivcirculate; take blood to all parts of the body2.1.8.1Heartohunywerana amafugivIdiom. make a blood friendship4.1.1Friend

embadiembadinlover; boyfriend or girlfriendNagudi njʼembadi ya Mugeege eyi geenda ohuhwa.Nagudi is Mugeege’s girl friend whom he wants to marry.4.1.1Friend4.1.1.1Girlfriend, boyfriend2.6.2Sexual relations2.6.1.5Romantic love

fiirafiiranclose friend4.1.1Friend


ohukwanavbefriend; make friends with4.1.1Friend4.1.7Begin a relationship

ohunywerana amafugivIdiom. make a blood friendship4.1.1Friendder. ofamafugi

omuhumbaemihumbancomradeship, friendship, companionship4.1Relationships4.1.1Friend


owʼehinywiabʼehinywincomrade or beer-drinking mate4.1Relationships5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage4.1.1Friend

owʼehitehereabʼehiteherenvillage mate; s.b. who resides in the same village as you4.1.1Friend2.6.4.8Peer group4.1.4Neighbor

owʼohulubafuabʼohulubafunclose friend4.1.1Friend

owʼohumwoyoabʼohumwoyonclose friend4.1.1Friend
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