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amafutan1oil; mineral drilled from the ground and from which petrol and diesel for driving engines are distilledAmafuta gagagaŋahiise amawanga amaŋalabbu.Oil has made the Arab countries rich. with oil and gas1.2.2.4Mineral1.2.3.2Oil5.5.6Fuel2fuel; fuel such as petrol, diesel, kerosene and motor-oilAmafuta galimo ebiha ebyʼohwadusa nʼohunyiiyira.There is a type of oil for burning,and another one for cooking.Juha amafuta gʼetaala hukwi omuliro gunaduhe mangu.Pour paraffin on firewood and the fire will light quickly.5.5.6Fuel3fat, cooking fat; tallowEbisolo ebiŋwamo amafuta biri: eŋombe, embusi nʼetaama.The animals that provide fats are: cows, goats and sheep.6.3.7Animal products1.2.3.2Oil5. oil4ghee, cow butter; one of the by-products of milkOmuzigo gwʼeŋombe guŋunyisa bulaŋi emere.Ghee from the cows makes food smell nicely. ingredients5. oil5. products5body cream5.4.5Anoint the body5.4.2Cosmetics6chrism, sacramental oil; fluid poured on s.b. when anointingOmuutu nʼabatisiwa bamuŋaha omuzigo.A person is anointed with chrism. to religious use1.2.3.2Oil

dezeroEnglishndiesel; heavier fuel than petrol that is used in enginesAmafuta ga desero gaduha pola ohusinga petololi.Diesel is slower in burning than petrol. with chemicals5.5.6Fuel

ehidomooloebidomoolonjerry can; container made from plastic that is used for carrying things6.6.7.2Conveying water7.3.1Carry5.5.6Fuel5.1Household equipment6.7.7Container

ehigo hyʼamafutaebigo byʼamafutanpetrol, gas station; place where petrol and other oils are kept for vehicles to use6.6.2.6Working with oil and gas6.6.2.9Working with chemicals5.5.6Fuelder. ofehigo1

ehihosoebihoson1large firewood log for the hearth at the grave5.5.6Fuel2fire lit in the courtyard while keeping vigil at the grave5.5Fire

ehinywaebinywanbundle; heap of long things tied together7.5.4Tie8.1.3.3Group of thingsehinywa hyʼekwinbundle of sticks, e.g., firewood7.5.4Tie5.5.6Fuel8.1.3.3Group of things

ehinywa hyʼekwiebinywa lwʼoluhwinbundle of sticks, e.g., firewood7.5.4Tie5.5.6Fuel8.1.3.3Group of thingsder. ofehinywa

ehisihiebisihin1stump that remains when a tree is cut1.5.1Tree6.6.3.1Lumbering1.5.5Parts of a plant2log for burning; e.g., logs are burned for many nights during those parts of a funeral where the bereaved sleep outsideAbeŋwa baheja ebisihi ebyʼebihoso omuutu nafuuye.The nephews find logs for the fireplace at the grave when s.b. dies. product5.5.6Fuel

ekoleroamakoleronfactory; building where goods are manufactured by collective production6.5.1Building6.9Business organizationekolero lya petololinpetroleum industry6.6.2.6Working with oil and gas6.6.2.9Working with chemicals5.5.6Fuel

ekwioluhwinfirewood; dry wood used for lighting fire for cooking5.5.1Light a fire5.5.6Fuel

eryandaamandan1charcoal; remaining piece when wood is not burnt to ashes, that is used as fuel when cooking on a charcoal stoveNunyiyisa amanda sooba nʼeriisi.There is no smoke when using charcoal for cooking.5.5.6Fuel5.5.5What fires produce2battery; dry cell6.6.8.1Working with electricity

galanigalaniEnglishngallon container of liquids in the imperial measure that carries six pints5.2.1.4Food storage5.5.6Fuel6.7.7Container

gaasigaasiEnglishnbutane, propane gas; type of air stored in tanks that can be used as fuel or that may be poisonous to human beings1.2.3.3Gas1.2.3Solid, liquid, gas6.6.2.9Working with chemicals5.5.6Fuel

omufumbo gw’ekwiemifumbo gy’ekwinlarge bundle of firewood5.5.6Fuel

omuuyan1air; s.t. invisible and intangible that can be blown or breathedOmuuya gunaba mutono mu mupiira gwʼegali seeduluma bulaŋi.If there is little air in the bicycle tyre it does not run properly., liquid, gas1.1.2Air2gas; s.t. that is neither a solid nor a liquid that is able to increase its size and fill any containerMu cupa mwali muuya mwerere simwali hiitu.There was only gas in the bottle; nothing else., liquid, gas6.6.2.9Working with chemicals5.5.6Fuel1.1.2Airohuŋwamo omuuyavEuph. die2.6.6Die

petuloolipeterooliEnglishnfuels used to run engines for such things like motor cars and aeroplanesPeterooli aŋamba mangu omuliro.Petrol is very inflammable. with oil and gas6.6.2.9Working with chemicals5.5.6Fuel