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amagadinsoda ash; salt that quickly softens sauce or meat when cookingsp. Sodium-bicarbonate ash5.2.3.3Cooking ingredients1.2.2.4Mineral5.

cumbicumbinsalt; white substance that is added to food to make it savoury or to preserve it5.2.3.3Cooking ingredients5.

ehidoomoebidoomonsalt container; traditional calabash container for keeping salt5.2.1.4Food storage5.2.3.3Cooking ingredients5.

ehiherehoebiherehonold dish used in filtering salt solution from ash5.

eryʼehigugonsalty clayey anthill soil that is often liked by cattleEroba lyohu hiiri hyʼehigugo siraŋi lyʼohubumbamo etamu.The soil from the salty anthill is not good for making pots., dirt5.

oluunyuenyunsaltiness; salty tasteAmaaji ga Naikote si galuunyu.Borehole water is not salty.

omuhereheemiherehenliquid with salt dissolved in it, obtained by filtering a powdery stuff like ashEgohe lyʼamasati lirimo omuherehe omulaŋi.The filtrate from the papyri ash makes a good salt solution. ingredients5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation5. food1.2.3.1Liquid