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amagala1ntype of face with a receding hairline2.1.5Hair

amasulubbunmoustache; hair left unshaved at both ends of the lips2.1.5Hair5.4.3.6Shave

efi2amafingrey old age hairMuhulu kuba amerire efi.He is old because he has grey hair.2.1.5Hair

efiiriolufiirinhair; thread-like structures that grow on the human headOmuutu anaŋangala efiiri lifuuha efi.When s.b. grows old the hair becomes grey.Nʼofiira omuutu webega efiiri.When you lose s.b. you shave off your hair.2.1.5Hairefiiri ejemuumancrinkly hair that has rolled itself into tufts2.1.5Hairefiiri emalinblack hair2.1.5Hairefiiri ereeŋinlong hair2.1.5Hairefiiri erihoseresanpale hair; hair with reddish brown colour2.1.5Hairefiiri eriipinshort hair2.1.5Hairefiiri esamagalalinunkempt hair2.1.5Hairefiiri etaaganscattered hair; e.g., like people with an unbalanced diet2.1.5Hairefiiri lyehimoolincurly hair2.1.5Hair

efiiri ejemuumancrinkly hair that has rolled itself into tuftsEfiiri ejʼemuuma jiba ngosi ja husanyulusa.Crinkly hair is difficult to comb.2.1.5Hairder. ofefiiri

efiiri emalinblack hairEfiiri jiba mali ni jihiiri husahuluŋa.Hair is black before getting old.2.1.5Hairder. ofefiiri

efiiri ereeŋinlong hairEfiiri ejibalabirira jiba ndeeŋi.Nurtured hair is long.2.1.5Hairder. ofefiiri

efiiri erihoseresanpale hair; hair with reddish brown colour2.1.5Hairder. ofefiiri

efiiri eriipinshort hairEfiiri eriipiryangu lya husanyulusa.Shortened hair is easy to comb.2.1.5Hairder. ofefiiri

efiiri esamagalalinunkempt hairAbalalu baba nʼefiiri esamagalali.Mad people have unkempt hair.2.1.5Hairder. ofefiiri

efiiri etaaganscattered hair; e.g., like people with an unbalanced diet2.1.5Hairder. ofefiiri

egonjooleegonjoolenhair made straight by using heat5.4.3.4Hairstyle2.1.5Hair

ehiŋalaebiŋalanbald head; part where hair dropped off, and cannot grow againEhiŋala hihye hyamuhenireho efiiri lyosiryosi.He is bald all over the head.2.1.5Hair

ehirefuebirefun1chin; that part of the face that is below the mouthEhirefu njʼehitundu ehigenda mu hunyaanya emere.A chin is the movable part when chewing food.2.1.1Head2beard; hair that some men allow to grow on the lower part of their facesAbahasi sibatera humera fiiri lyo huhirefu.Women hardly grow beards.2.1.5Hair5.4.3.6Shave3moustache; hair that grows above the upper lip2.1.5Hair5.4.3.6Shave

epaata1epaatanbald head; place on the head where hair has dropped off, and cannot grow again2.1.5Hair

eryʼamamuumaeryʼamamuumanhair that is kinky2.1.5Hair

eryʼehisyomanhair dyed with a dark purple colour2.1.5Hair5.4.3.3Dye hair

esanyulusenhair that is straightened with a comb5.4.3.4Hairstyle2.1.5Hair5.4.3.1Comb hair

obunwanwanwhiskers; hair growing at the sides of the mouthNiganywoye amabeere agandi gasigaaye hu bunwanwa.When he drank milk, some of it stuck on his whiskers.2.1.5Hair

obususuŋalinunkempt hair; state of hair being not combed and tidy2.1.5Hair

obwoyaamooyanbody hair; thread-like structures growing on a human body, but not on the headAmooya gʼengoho; amooya gʼekapa ko nʼamooya go huhifuba hyʼomusinde.Chickens feathers; the cats fur, and the hairs on a man’s chest.2.1.5Hairder. ofolwoya
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