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amagesinintelligence, wisdom; ability to understand, learn and make judgements or have opinions that are based on reasonOmwana oyo aŋumaamo magesi.That child is not intelligent.Pe amagesi hu biitu bino.Give knowledge about these things.4.3.1Good, moral4.3.1.3Mature in behavior3.2.1.3Intelligent4.3.5.3Reliable6.1.1.1Expert4.ŋa amagesivsuggest; give advice3.3.3.7Warn3.3.3.2Advise3.3.3.1Suggest4.8.4.2Make an appeal3.3.3.3Persuade4.7.4.1Legal personnelohwibira mu magesivIdiom. extort money6.8.9.3Extort money6.8.9.4Take by force6.8.9.1Steal

ebinyageehinyagenbooty; property obtained from fighting in a war4.8.3.8Plunder6.8.9.4Take by force6.8.9.1Steal

ehiibeebiibenstolen thing6.8.9.1Steal

esaŋuesaŋun1pocket; piece of cloth sewn on a garment for keeping things5.3.6Parts of clothing6.7.3Carrying tool2bag, sack, handbag; s.t. in which other things are carried6.7.7.1Bag6.7.3Carrying toolehisaŋu hyʼebyomantool bag; bag containing tools used in repairing vehicles6.7Toolohusala esaŋuvIdiom. steal6.8.9.4Take by force6.8.9.1Steal

kondokondonrobber; s.b. who grabs other people’s property using threats or violence6.8.9.4Take by force6.8.9.1Steal

ohukondolavcommit burglary; break into a house and steal things6.8.9.1Steal

ohulyahavdefraud, cheat s.b. out of money; refuse to repay a debt or default on a loanGandyahire.He has cheated me. debt4.3.5.1Dishonest6.8.9Dishonest financial practices4.3.5.4Unreliable3. a lie4.3.5.5Deceive6.8.9.2Cheat6.8.9.1Steal

ohwibiravsteal s.t. for s.b. else6.8.9.4Take by force6.8.9.1Stealder. ofohwiba
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