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amagiginantrepidation; feeling of dread and horrorNi naweene amasi ŋa mere, naŋuliiye amagigina.When I saw feaces near food I felt trepidationOmutu anafa abaatu bali nʼamagigina mangi.When s.b. dies people feel horror.

ehitiihirisaebitiihirisanfrightening thing; s.t. that is scary3.4.1.3Surprise3.4.2.4Afraid3.

ohugugumulavscare off, frighten away; chase away from, esp. birds from a garden of rice or millet3.4.2.4Afraid3.3.3.5Compel6.4.6Things done to animals7.3.3.4Chase away

ohusindusavshock; scare3.4.1.3Surprise3.4.2.4Afraid3. evil tohasindusa baliminBurrowing Skink; small animal of the lizard family, that often frightens people when they expose it from under rocks or logs where it usually hidessp. Riopa sundevallii fam. Scincidae1. each other3.4.1.3Surprise3.4.2.4Afraid4.8.2Fight3. evil to

ohutengerav1tremble, shiver; shake in the bodyGatengeeye olwomusango ohumuhira.He trembled because he lost the case.Omusuuja gwanumire olwejo omubiri gwosigwosi ni gutengeeta.A fever disturbed me yesterday when my whole body trembled. a part of the body2.5.6Symptom of disease3. biri hutengera nʼepuuji.The trees are swaying in the wind. back and forthohutengeesyavshake or sway s.t. vigorously7.3.1.3Shake7.3Move something7.2.2.8Move back and forth1.2.1.7Earthquake

ohuteetemavshiver, shudder; shake as a result of fear or illnessGateetemire ni gaŋuliiye ati baaja ohumuŋamba.He shook with fear when he heard that they were coming to arrest him. a part of the body2.5.6Symptom of disease3.

ohutitiiravbe fearful; be a coward3.4.2.4Afraid4.4.3.2Cowardice

ohwefumbav1cringe; cowerOmwibi bamuhubbanga ni gefumbamo.A thief is beaten while cringing. down2bend; curl up. e.g., of leaves when dry8.3.1.5Bend7.1.8Bend down7.1.9Move a part of the bodyder. ofohufumba

omutitiizivar.omutiabatitiizincoward; fearful personOmusere muti.A cowardly youth.