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amagobaegobanprofit; amount of money exceeding that paid for the commodities sold6.8.2.2Make profit6.8.2.7Earn

amahironprofit; esp. from trading or selling at the market6.8.2.2Make profit6.8.2.7Earn

ehyʼefunaebyʼefunans.t. profitable6.8.2.2Make profit6.8.2.7Earn

ehyʼolyahoebyʼulyahonprofit; money in excess of the amount invested in a business venture6.8.2.2Make profit6.8.2.7Earnthe extra you eat

ekembaekembanpay, wages, remuneration; what s.b. gets for s.t. good he did6.8.4.5Pay6.9.2Work for someone6.8.2.7Earn

enyingisanincome; money obtained from selling things or from labouring6.8.2.2Make profit6.8.2.7Earn

epeera2epeeranpay, wages; what s.b. earns for workingEpeera yiye yiri esiringi emitwalo ehumi buli mwesi.His pay is a hundred thousand shillings per month. for someone6.8.2.7Earn

eposyoeposyonpayment made to s.b. for doing some work6.8.4.5Pay6.9.2Work for someone6.8.2.7Earn

ohugobav1make a profit; get a higher income than the expenditure6.8.2.2Make profit6.8.2.7Earn2beat, win, defeat; prevail over, in a game4.2.6.2Sports4.8.3.1Defeat4.8.3.2Win

ohugobololavmake a profit; have a higher income than expenditure6.8.2.2Make profit6.8.2.7Earn