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amalambulaerambulanold money coins of ten cents each6.8.6.1Monetary units6.8.6Money

edoolaedoolaEnglishndollar; unit of money used in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, that is divided into a hundred cents6.8.6.1Monetary units6.8.6Money

epawundaepawundaEnglishnBritish pound unit of money6.8.6.1Monetary units

esiringiesiringiEnglishnshilling; unit of money equal to one hundred cents6.8.6.1Monetary units6.8.6Money

lupiiyaepiiyaHindin1money; paper notes or coins used in exchange6.8Finance6.8.6Money2rupee; currency that was worth two shillings used in East Africa early in the twentieth century6.8.6.1Monetary units6.8Finance6.8.6Money