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amalaalongraveyard, cemetery; place where the dead are buried2.6.6.6Grave2.6.6.5Bury

ehigombeebigomben1grave2.6.6.6Grave2.6.6.5Bury2graveyard, cemetery, burial ground; place where dead people are buried2.6.6.6Grave2.6.6.5Bury

ehiijaebiijancemetery; family burial ground2.6.6.6Grave2.6.6.5Bury

enenumfour; number showing the quantity of four things8.1.1.1Cardinal numbersesonda enenEuph. grave2.6.6.6Grave2.6.6.5Bury

eŋanieŋaningrave; place where a dead person is buried2.6.6.6Grave2.6.6.5Bury

esondaesondan1corner; point or place where two sides like walls meet8.6Parts of things8.6.6Edge2peak; point where two sides of a roof meet6.5.2Parts of a building8.6.2Top8.2.6.3High6.5.2.2Roofeyʼesonda enenIdiom. grave2.6.6.6Grave2.6.6.5Bury

esonda eneesonda enenEuph. grave2.6.6.6Grave2.6.6.5Buryder. ofene

eyʼesonda eneejʼesonda enenIdiom. graveNi gafuuye, hwamutaaye aŋumulire mu ‘nyumba eyʼesonda ene’.When he died we put him to rest in a ‘rectangula house’. ofesondarectangular house