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amalibbonplaque; crust that gathers on the teeth when they are not brushed for a long time5.4.4Care for the teeth

ebbongoamabbongon1gap; space among things, where one is missingGabayeŋo ebbongo niryasamiriye mu biŋamba.There was an open gap between the potato heaps., space2gap in the jaw where a tooth is missing2.5.2.4Tooth decay5.4.4Care for the teeth2.1.1.5Tooth

ebbongohiamabbongohinbroken tooth that causes the teeth to not be all equal5.4.4Care for the teeth2.1.1.5Tooth

ebbulaasiebbulaasiEnglishnbrush; tool usually made of wood with short hair structures that is used for scrubbing, painting houses or tidying the hair6.5.3.1Building equipment and maintenance6.6.5.1Draw, paint5.6Cleaning5.1Household equipment5.4.4Care for the teeth5.6.5Sweep, rake5.4.3.1Comb hair

ehisininiebisininingum; flesh that covers the bones from which the teeth growOwa mabbongo alumira bisinini.A toothless person bites with the gum.5.4.4Care for the teeth2.1.1.4Mouth

ohwehongolavloose a tooth; usually milk teeth in children2.5.2.4Tooth decay5.4.4Care for the teeth2.1.1.5Toothder. ofohuhongola2

omuswakiemiswakintoothbrush5.4.4Care for the teeth