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amalironwailing, mourning; crying in a loud voice due to sadnessAmaliro gagirire hwamanya ohufa hwa lataawo.The wailing made us know the death of your father., tear2.6.6.4Mourn

amasigantears; salty tasting liquid that comes out of the eyesGalirire amasiga mangi ni gahejire hu mulambo gwa nyina.She shed a lot of tears when she looked at her mother’s dead body., tearohulerenga amasigavbe tearful3.5.6.5Cry, tear

ohubboloogavwail, bawl; utter a loud cry due to pain or griefOmwibi gabbologire ni bamuhubba.The thief screamed when he was being flogged.Gabboloogire nalira nyina.He cried aloud when mourning his mother.Gabboloogire ni bamuhubba esimbo.He cried loudly when he was being given strokes of the cane., tear2.6.6.4Mourn

ohulengeta amasigavbegin to cry; well up, of tears in the eyesAmasiga gamulengeeta.Tears are appearing in her eyes., tear

ohulirav1cry, mourn, moan, weep; utter loud inarticulate sounds, esp. in pain or grief, and usually accompanied with tearsOmwana alira.The baby is crying.Tiina ohulira masenge yange.I am going to mourn my aunt., tear2.6.6.4Mourn2show sympathy towards s.b. for, support4.3.1Good, moral6.8.3.2Generous4.4.4.1Mercy4.3.4Do good to4.4.4.2Show sympathy, support4.3.4.4Altruistic, selflessohulira olwondavIdiom. sympathise and help the needy4.4.4Respond to someone in trouble4.4.4.2Show sympathy, support4.3.4.2Helpohuliriravlong, cry for; want s.b. or s.t., tear3.3Wantohulirisavsympathise, empathise, commiserate; share the sorrow with, give support during a time of bereavementSynohusaasira for, support4.3.1Good, moral6.8.3.2Generous4.4.4.1Mercy4.3.4Do good to4.4.4.2Show sympathy, support4.3.4.4Altruistic, selflessohweriravlament3.4.2.1Sad3.5.6.5Cry, tear2.6.6.4Mournohweriraliravseek sympathy; cry out for help2.3.2.4Loud3.

ohuliriravlong, cry for; want s.b. or s.t., tear3.3Wantder. ofohulira

ohuŋologohavcry uncontrollably3.5.6.5Cry, tear

ohuŋoolavbe emotional when mourning a deathNafiriiye abaatu bangi njahuŋoola.I have lost a lot of people and I am going to mourn., tear2.6.6.4Mourn

ohusabuusavwipe; clean by removing wet dirt or dust, esp. when using a piece of clothSabuusa amaaji agajijuhire hu meeza.Wipe the water that has spilled on the table.Sabuusa hu saani.Wipe the plates.Sabuusa hu lubaawo.Wipe the blackboard.Osabuusa ŋa hituli kowataŋo obulesi nʼonaba omupiira gwʼegaali.You first rub around the puncture before applying the rubber solution when mending a punctured a bicycle tube.5.6.1Clean, dirty7.7.5Rub7.3.7.3Spread, smear5.6.6Wipe, eraseohusabuusa amasigavwipe tears to comfort s.b.7.7.5Rub3.5.6.5Cry, tear5.6.6Wipe, erase

ohusihimbwavsob; cry silently with a convulsive catching of the breath3.5.6.5Cry, tear2.6.6.4Mourn

ohwehuulavmourn, of a manAbasinde batera ohwehuula ni wuhya.Men often mourn at dawn., tear2.6.6.4Mourn

ohwitulula2v1pour; flow in abundant quantityYitulula amaaji ohuŋwa musaha hunywe.Take out water from the pot for us to drink.Manafa sigomera, getuluha omwaha gwosigwosi.River Manfa does not dry up, it flows continuously throughout the year.Amaaji getuluhire buli ŋaatu mwirungu.Water has been flowing every where in the swamp.1.3.2Movement of water1.3.2.1Flow1.3.2.2Pour2shed many tearsGetuluhire amasiga nʼalira nyina.She shed a lot of tears when mourning her mother., tearohwitululahovpour off some1.3.2Movement of water7.3.2.7Take something out of something1.3.2.1Flow1.3.2.2Pour8.1.5.1Some