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nabigwakunabigwakuns.b. who butts in or interrupts a conversation without formal invitation to participate8.4.7.1Interrupt3. style

nahyesaŋinahyesaŋinchatterbox; s.b. who talks a lot3. a lot3. style

ohubbalangataniavspeak in a sly way, showing clever underhandedness3.5.1Say3. a lot3. style

ohudomboolavenunciate heavily; speak slowly and clearly with strong stress on syllablesSamanyire huloma bulaŋi adomboola hudomboola.He doesn’t know how to speak well; he speaks too slowly and carefully. poorly3.5.1Say3. style

ohuhayuhavspeak or shout angrily in a high pitched tone of voice4.8.4.1Rebuke3. harshly3. styleder. ofohuhayaana