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amanwalinenthusiasm; interest; eagernessAli nʼamanwali.He is enthusiastic. doing something3.

ehigalagalaebigalagalanululation; joyous yelling done by women3. of sounds

ohumiravswallow; cause the food or drink to move from the mouth into the stomach5.2.2Eatohumira amatevIdiom. be excited3. good3. doing somethingohumiryongosavswallow food quickly and easily5.2.2Eat

ohusagadalavbe careless, due to excitementOtasagadalira hu baatu.Don’t let your excitement affect people. in behavior6., irresponsible4.4.3.4Caution4.3.3.2Not care

ohusagasaganavbe bewildered, excited; behave in a panicky wayGasagasagene ohuniina omuyembe ni gaguweneho emiyembe emirabire eyene emiingi.He excitedly climbed the mango tree when he saw many ripe mangoes on it. quickly4.

ohusamiravtremble, hallucinate, and shake while moaning, crying and speaking hysterically due to being demon possessedOmusambwa ni gunahuŋambe osamira luhulu.When you are caught by a spirit you speak hysterically. possession2.5.6.6Vision, hallucination2.5.8Mental illness3.4Emotionohusamisavmake s.t. demon possessed4.9.4.2Demon possession

ohutuuyav1cheer; show approval, and give encouragement by shouting4.2.6.2Sports3. for3. to attackGabatuuyiyeho abaana bahubba abaatu abo.He sent children to attack them and they hit those people.7.2.8Send someone4.8.2.3Attack4command dogs to attack4.8.2.3Attack6.4.1Hunt1.6.4Animal actions