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amanwalinenthusiasm; interest; eagernessAli nʼamanwali.He is enthusiastic. doing something3.

ehinaninkeenness; regularity at work with keenness and likingOlwʼehinani hihye mu hutamba munimiro ali nʼemere nyingi.Because of his regularity at work in his fields he has plenty of food. hard3. doing something3.3.2.4Willing3.

obugayaafunslothfulness, sluggishness, unenthusiasm; showing a tendency to avoid exertion6., irresponsible3., not working2.4.4Tired

ohutuuyav1cheer; show approval, and give encouragement by shouting4.2.6.2Sports3. for3. to attackGabatuuyiyeho abaana bahubba abaatu abo.He sent children to attack them and they hit those people.7.2.8Send someone4.8.2.3Attack4command dogs to attack4.8.2.3Attack6.4.1Hunt1.6.4Animal actions