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amaŋinioŋinion1flattery; trying to please by deception, deceptively praising s.b. out of jealousy3.; coveting for yourself the good that s.b. else is enjoying, but that one does not have3.

atenda yʼowahye esaale esodivar.otenda yʼowahye esaale esodiabatenda jʼabahye jisaale emisodinIdiom. jealous person3.

ekirihindiekirihindinjealousy, animosity; strong feeling of dislike for s.b.Ekirihindi yireeta obulogo.Jealousy urges s.b. to resort to sorcery., ill will3. someone

eŋalieŋalinjealousy; rivalry between co-wivesNjiiye huŋali.I have married as a co-wife.4.8.1Hostility3. with2.6.1Marriage

esaalwanenvy; feeling of unhappiness and anger because s.b. has s.t. that one wants3.

etiman1malice, spite; when you want to be alone and feel malicious to others3., ill will4.1.6.1Unfriendly2anger; strong feeling against s.b. or a situation that makes you want to hurt s.b., be unpleasant, shout at s.b. etc. anger3.4.2.3Angry4.3.3.1Hate, ill will4.8.2.8Violent4.

ohububavar.ohububirav1be jealous; behave in fear and suspicion, brought about by love or rivalry3. envious, angry or unhappy with s.b. because they have what you want3.

ohufuhereravfeel jealous towards s.b.’s success3.

ohulanga2venvy; be jealousAmulanga ohusaala.She envies her giving birth.

ohusimba ehinivIdiom. feel envious3. ofehini

ohwegombavcrave, want; have desire for s.t. interest, cause others to want, instil a desire; display or talk about s.t. so that others come to desire it greatly3.3.3.2Advise3.3.3.3Persuade3. envied3.