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dalavar.daladalainterjtrue, certainly, indeed; indicating emphasis, acceptance, or confirmationDaladala semwana gafuuye, naye ehyo sihimuŋa bbeetu ohwiiba!Indeed his father died, but that is no excuse for him to steal. of emphasis 9.4.6Yes3.5.1.3True9.4.4.1Certainly, definitely

ehitabuusibwabuusibwaebitabuusibwabuusibwantrue thing; s.t. beyond doubt9.4.6Yes3.5.1.3True9.4.4.1Certainly, definitely9.4.4.2Sure

ehyeneproitselfOmuhasi mwene.The woman herself. pronounsehyene nʼehyenenreal thing; the whole truth3.

ehyene nʼehyeneebyene nʼehyenenreal thing; the whole truth3. ofehyene

enjihisoenjihisonaffirmation; assertion that s.t. is true or it existsKuteeraho enjihiso ti eŋombe yihena emyesi mukaaga ko yasaala.I affirm to you that the gestation period for a cow is six months.9.4.6Yes3.2.5.9Approve of something3.5.1.3True9.4.4.1Certainly, definitely9.4.4.2Sureohutaaho enjihisovaffirm9.4.6Yes3.5.1.3True9.4.4.1Certainly, definitely9.4.4.2Sure

eposyaeposyanstatement of either accuser or defendant in a court4.6.6.1Police4.7Law3.5.1Say3.5.1.3True4.7.5.5Witness, testify

ohumatisa2vcertifyŊaliŋo elaama hu bbaluŋa yiye ohumatisa ti yaali tuufu.There was a stamp endorsed on his certificate to certify that it was a true one.4.5.3Exercise authority4.6.6Government functions3.5.1.3True