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amasisiisinfinely pounded groundnuts, simsim, or sesame5. from seeds5. food

budalasiinincinnamon; type of spice used for impating a strong and aromantic flavour to food5.

ebirungoehirungonspice, condiment; powder or seeds of plants added to food for flavour5.2.3.3Cooking ingredients5. food

ehinzaaliebinzaalin1turmeric; plant whose rhizome is crushed into powder that is used in flavouring food and saucesp. Curcuma longa fam. Zingiberaceae5.2.3.3Cooking ingredients5. from roots5. powder; fine yellow powder with a sweet smell that is used in flavouring food5.2.3.3Cooking ingredients5. from roots5.

ehitunguluebitungulunonion; round white or red vegetable that is made of several layers surrounding each other that is put in food for its nice smell and flavoursp. Allium cepa fam. Amaryllidaceae or Liliaceae or sp. Aframomum melegueta fam. Zingiberaceae5.2.3.3Cooking ingredients5. from roots5., herb, vine

embogaemboganAmaranthus; type of herb sp. sometimes called cockscomb and whose leaves are used as sauce It is a bitter green leafy vegetable like spinach. It is gathered from the bush as not grown at home.Emboga yosi yirisiwa engoho nʼenduuyu.The cockscomb is also fed to chickens and rabbits.sp. Amaranthus hybridus fam. Amaranthaceae1.5.2Bush, shrub5. from vegetables6.2.5.3Gather wild plants5. from leaves

etangawuzietangawuzinginger; reed-like plant whose pungent spicy rhizome is used in cookery and medicinesp. Zingiber officinale fam. Zingiberaceae5.2.3.3Cooking ingredients5. from roots6.2.1.2Growing roots5., herb, vine

kamulalivar.kalalikamulalin1Chilli pepper; much-branched shrub that sometimes creeps and whose red fruits are very hot to the tastesp. Capsicum prutescens fam. Solanaceae1.5.2Bush, shrub5. powder; spice added to sauce as a condiment5.

ohubalaagalavbe spicy hot like chilli pepperNdi nʼohubalagala mumunwa olwa kalali ali mu mere.I have a pungent taste in my mouth due to the chilli peppers in the food.2.3.3Taste5.

tungulusimutungulusimungarlic; type of spice like onionsallium sativum5.2.3.3Cooking ingredients5., herb, vine