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ebaajiroebaajironcarpentry workshop; place where furniture and other wooden implements are made6.1.6Made by hand6.6.3Working with wood6.5Working with buildings

ebyʼohutongolaehyʼohutongolanbuilding materials; things concerning the construction of houses6.5.3Building materials6.5Working with buildings

edaamadanbundles of interlaced twigs tied to secure poles when making walls for a mud and wattle houseEhiteepe hyʼenju ehisinga obuleeŋi hibaaho amada mwenda.There are nine bundles of interlaced sticks for the highest wall.6.5.2Parts of a building6.2.5.4Plant product6.5.2.1Wall6.5Working with buildings6.5.2.2Roof

ehibanda2ebibandan1factory; building in which things are manufacturedEhibanda hyʼeNalukolongo hitusa amagaali cikumi buli mwesi.The factory at Nalukolongo makes a hundred bicycles per month.6.5.1Building6.9Business organization2shed where the making of bricks is carried out6.6.2.7Working with stone6.6.2.8Working with bricks6.6.2.4Working with clay6.5.3Building materials6.5Working with buildings

ehihunjoebihunjonroof capping; bundle of grass fixed at the apex of a house roof to make that part watertight6.5.3Building materials6.5Working with buildings6.5.2.2Roof

ehisuliebisulinridge; apex of a house or granary roof6.5.2Parts of a building6.5Working with buildings6.5.2.2Roof

ekalaayiekalaayincontainer that resembles a basin that is commonly used for carrying mortar when building6.6.2.8Working with bricks6.7.3Carrying tool7.3.1Carry6.5Working with buildings

emboŋeroemboŋeronbundle of twigs interlaced when building a house wall or roof6.5.2Parts of a building6.2.5.4Plant product6.5.2.1Wall6.5Working with buildings6.5.2.2Roof

epulaaniepulaaniEnglishnplan; drawing or written document from which s.t. is made or built6.1.2.5Plan6.5Working with buildings9.1.2.4Design

esukuludulayivaesukuludulayivaEnlgishnscrew driver; metal tool used in fixing or removing screws7.5.2Join, attach6.7.5Fastening tool6.6.3Working with wood6.5Working with buildings

ohubaajav1shape; give a peculiar shape to s.t. by carving a piece of wood6.6.5.3Sculpture7.8.3Cut6.6.3Working with wood2do carpentry; e.g., cut, plane and curve pieces of wood6.1.6Made by hand6.6.3Working with wood6.5Working with buildings

ohumaalavplaster, smear with mudMumwesi ogwomunaana niija humaala enju yange epyaha.In August I shall smear my new house with mud.6.5.3Building materials7.3.7.3Spread, smear6.5Working with buildings

ohusimba2v1thatch a house using grass, corrugated iron sheets or tiles6.5Working with buildings6.5.2.2Roof2thatch over a termite hill to trap termites6.4.2Trap7.2.6.1Catch, capture
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