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amawulediKiswahilin1Muslim celebrationHutiine humawuledi ewa Salim.Let’s go to the celebrations at Salim’s. ’s birthday4.2.2.1Ceremony4.9.7.3Islam

ebasa2ebasanceremony of merry making because of having had twins4.2.2.1Ceremony2.6.3.7Multiple births

ehiholewa omuutu ni golire mu buhuluebiholewa abaatu ni bolire mu buhuluninitiation into adulthood4.2.2.1Ceremony2.6.4.7Initiation

ehijukizoebijukizonmemorial ceremony for s.b. who died2.6.6.3Funeral4.2.2.1Ceremony3.2.6Remember4.2.2.3Celebrate

embagaembaganfeast, banquet; special meal with very good food, esp. a large meal for many people5.2.2.3Feast4.2.2.1Ceremony4.2.2.3Celebrateembaga yʼobugolenwedding ceremony2.6.1.2Wedding2.6.1Marriage

engulihaengulihanceremony of giving a name2.6.3.9Birth ceremony9.7Name4.2.2.1Ceremony

erongo1amalongon1birth of twinsAbasaaye bʼerongo saheja hu lyuba abaana ni bahiiri hwetondola.The parents of the twins don’t have conjugal contacts before the twins’ umbilical cords break off. births2ceremony when twins are born2.6.3.9Birth ceremony4.2.2.1Ceremony3two things or vents happening simultaneously or concurrently8.1.1.4Multiples8. group

kasiikikasiikinpre-feast celebration on the day preceding the feast day5.2.2.3Feast4.2.2.1Ceremony4.2.2.3Celebrate

nakumunakumunchild ceremony performed when a child is conceived before the mother menstruates after a previous childbirth, a kind of twin ceremony2.6.3.9Birth ceremony4.2.2.1Ceremony

ohubajuhav1give ritually; make a ceremonial donation6.8.3Share wealth3.3.5Offer6.8.3.1Give, donate4.9.5.5Offering, sacrifice2give names to newly born twins at a ceremonyHuŋwa hubajuha erongo.We have been at a naming ceremony for twins.9.7Name4.2.2.1Ceremony9.7.1Name of a person2.6.3.7Multiple births

ohusoomavhold a ceremony at the death of an important old man in which, in previous times, senior clansmen dance and kill an animal, e.g., a cow, with their spears. These days, this is a mock fight4.2.2.1Ceremony

ohwatusavperform a religious Islamic Shahadat ceremony where the aspirant declares to reveal the faith that is needed to enter into Islam4.9.5.4Religious ceremony4.2.2.1Ceremony

ohwesirulavperform the ceremony of eating new millet6.2.5.1First fruits4.2.2.1Ceremony

omubyusaababyusanleader, the woman who is in charge of the Erongo ceremony4.5.1Person in authority4.2.2.1Ceremony4.5.3.1Lead

omuhijiemihijinevent, function; social gathering or ceremony4.2Social activity4.2.2.1Ceremony4.2.2Social event4.2.2.2Festival, show

omukoloemikolonceremony; any function or event4.2.2.1Ceremony4.2.2Social event4.2.2.2Festival, show