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ehifeeyerenimpatience; situation when s.b. is not prepared to wait when required to do soGaali nʼehifeeyere nigenda bamuhole hu niye ohusoka.He was impatient and agitated to be served first. self-control4.

nabigwahunabigwahunimpetuous, impulsive person; s.b. who is not cautious in approach4.3.6.1Lack self-control4.

ohubitavoverflow esp. of a riverOlwabi olwijuuye lubitiiye hu luguudo lwaleha omwala kuba gubaaye gwijuuye.The river in spate by passed the overflowing bridge when crossing the road. of water1.3.2.1Flow8.5.4.2Occupy an area1.3.2.6Tide7.5.9.2Fill, coverohubitahovpass over; move past7.2.3.5Move past, over, throughohubitamovMetaphor. succeed in getting over some problem6.1.3.2Succeedohubitaŋovmove past a place7.2.3.5Move past, over, throughohubitiravpass via8.5.2Direction9. (of movement) past, over, throughohubitiramovpass through, go across a place8.5.1.6Across7.2.3.5Move past, over, throughohubitiriravgo non-stop past a place7.3.6.3Limit7.2.3.5Move past, over, throughohubitiirisavoverdo, exceed, increase past the limit, do s.t. to the excess4.3.6.1Lack self-control8.3.7.2Better7.3.6.3Limit8.1.7.1Extra8.1.4More3.

ohubitiirisavoverdo, exceed, increase past the limit, do s.t. to the excessMbitirihiise ohulya.I ate too much. self-control8.3.7.2Better7.3.6.3Limit8.1.7.1Extra8.1.4More3. ofohubita

ohululuhaniravbe greedy, esp. about loving womenHyabeene aluluhanira abahasi; gendire Nawiire, gahobya mugandaawe. Nahyuha, ndi genda ni meeri ya Nawiire yesi.Hyabene is greedy about loving women; he loved Nawire, then her sister Nahyuha, and even Nawire’s girl friend. self-control3.3.1.8Lust6.8.2.5Greedy

ohwenegenavspeak carelessly, thoughtlessly4.3.6.1Lack self-control3.5.1Say

ohwerehebavbe loose-tongued; talk anything, any how4.3.6.1Lack self-control3. a lot

ohweswakabavspeak out of turn, in an intrusive manner, when not expected to4.3.6.1Lack self-control3.5.1Say3. a lot

ohweswasavembarrass yourself; bring shame on yourself4.3.6.1Lack self-control3.

omulyeryeemiryeryengreed, gluttony; lack of table manners5.2.2.4Manner of eating4.3.6.1Lack self-control6.8.2.5Greedy
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