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ohululuhaniravbe greedy, esp. about loving womenHyabeene aluluhanira abahasi; gendire Nawiire, gahobya mugandaawe. Nahyuha, ndi genda ni meeri ya Nawiire yesi.Hyabene is greedy about loving women; he loved Nawire, then her sister Nahyuha, and even Nawire’s girl friend. self-control3.3.1.8Lust6.8.2.5Greedy

ohwoyavdesire, hanker after; e.g., as when a pregnant women longs for specific foods3.3.1.8Lust3.3Want3.4.1.1Like, love

omutoolyoabatoolyoninsatiable person; s.b. not easily satisfied with food, who has a large appetiteAli nʼomutoolyo gwʼebiryo.He has insatiable desire for food., thirsty5.2.2.4Manner of eating4.3.6.1Lack self-control3.3.1.8Lust6.8.2.5Greedy