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amaajinwater; liquid that is odourless, colourless, tasteless and translucent. It is necessary in the life of human beings, animals and plantsNutuhiiseho ohuganywa amaaji gatambisiwa nʼomuhubatisa mwosi.Apart from being drunk water is also used when baptising.1.3Wateramaaji agesobelen/well water1.3.6Water quality1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of water1.3.1.4Spring, wellamaaji agomulubumbunwater trapped in the topmost young banana leaf1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of wateramaaji agomwiroŋonpool; small area of still water, in a contrived or natural hollow1.3.1.1Ocean, lake1.3.1.2Swamp1.3.1Bodies of wateramaaji amangunIdiom. clean water without other substances dissolved in it1.3.6Water quality1.3Wateramaaji gomukombenwater in a tree hollow1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of wateramaaji ogomulugogonwater trapped in banana stem1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of water

amaaji agomwiroŋonpool; small area of still water, in a contrived or natural hollowEŋombe jinywa amaaji agomwiroŋo.Cows drink water from a pool., lake1.3.1.2Swamp1.3.1Bodies of waterder. ofamaaji

egoboamagobonbank, shore; land along the edge of a river or a lake or a seaBaali bahosiira obutimba hwigobo lyʼenyanja.They were mending the nets at the shore of the sea., lake1.3.1.3River6.5.4.2Boundary1.3.1.5Island, shore8.6.3Side8.6.6Edge

ehiduleereebiduleeren1open mass of water with no remarkable vegetation growing in it or nothing on the water itselfEryato lyali aŋaduleere hu nyanja.The boat was on the open water of the lake., lake1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of water2vacant, empty, unoccupied landEbitundu ehisinga obuhulu mu Misiri hiduleere kuba hya hyeya.The greater part of Egypt is unoccupied because it is desert., property1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert4.6.7.1Country

ehyomuhidibaebyomubidibanpond creature; s.t. in a pond or stagnant waterAmahere bitonde byomuhidiba.Frogs are creatures of the pond., lake1.6.1.4Amphibian

enjehensand; grains of soil crushed from stonesOmujehe ogwo mu lwabi njʼomulaŋi gwʼohutongolera.River sand is good for building construction., lake1.2.2.1Soil, dirt6.6.2.8Working with bricks6.6.2Working with minerals6.5.3Building materials

enjuhondepth; deepest part in the middle of a lake, sea or riverEnjuho ya Nalubaale yiri efuuti nkumi edatu nalusanvu nʼehumi na musanvu.The deepest part of lake Victoria is three thousand seven hundred and seventeen feet., lake1.3.1.3River8.2.6.5Deep, shallow8.2.6.4Low1.2.1.5Underground

obulibanlake; big mass of open waterObuliba bwa Nalubaale njʼaŋa Kiyira atandihira.Lake Victoria is where the Nile begins., lake1.3.1Bodies of water

olubangaemangan1large flat rock on which things can be spread for dryingObugehe bwa mwogo bwoma mangu ni wanihiwire hu lubanga.The split cassava dries quickly when spread on a large, flat rock.; deep and wide crack on a rock where water collects when it rainsAŋirire eŋombe hu lubanga ohunywa amaaji.He has taken the cattle to the hollow on the rock to drink water., lake1.2.1.5Underground

omwaloemyalonport, harbour, landing site; place where boats and ships load and off load1.3.1.1Ocean, lake1.3.1.3River1.3.1.5Island, shore7.2.4.2Travel by water