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amaajinwater; liquid that is odourless, colourless, tasteless and translucent. It is necessary in the life of human beings, animals and plantsNutuhiiseho ohuganywa amaaji gatambisiwa nʼomuhubatisa mwosi.Apart from being drunk water is also used when baptising.1.3Wateramaaji agesobelen/well water1.3.6Water quality1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of water1.3.1.4Spring, wellamaaji agomulubumbunwater trapped in the topmost young banana leaf1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of wateramaaji agomwiroŋonpool; small area of still water, in a contrived or natural hollow1.3.1.1Ocean, lake1.3.1.2Swamp1.3.1Bodies of wateramaaji amangunIdiom. clean water without other substances dissolved in it1.3.6Water quality1.3Wateramaaji gomukombenwater in a tree hollow1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of wateramaaji ogomulugogonwater trapped in banana stem1.3Water1.3.1Bodies of water

amaaji agomwiroŋonpool; small area of still water, in a contrived or natural hollowEŋombe jinywa amaaji agomwiroŋo.Cows drink water from a pool., lake1.3.1.2Swamp1.3.1Bodies of waterder. ofamaaji

ehitotogoloebitotogolonbog; water logged piece of landEbisyaga nʼomutyere njʼebihula obulaŋi mu hitotogolo.Sugar cane and rice are the crops that grow well in water logged soil.

ekombeekomben1hollow in the trunk of a treeEkokonyagirisi ni dulenge biteera mu kombe.The woodpecker and the horn bill lay their eggs in tree hollows.Embahi jigona mu kombe.Squirrels sleep in tree hollows.1.5.1Tree1.6.5Animal home8.; small area of still water, in a contrived or natural hollow1.3.1.2Swamp1.3.1Bodies of water

enyanja2enyanjanswamp; water in a valley where papyri growEnyanja eŋwamo amafunjo agaluhiwamo epambo.Swamps are the source of the papyri from which mats are made. of water

erunguamalungunswamp; place between hills that often has water in some monthsSihiraŋi ohutongola enyumba mwirungu kuba yisobola ohubandiwamoamaaji.It is not good to build a house in a swamp because it can be flooded.Abaatu batambisa naikote esobere jomumalungu nijomeeye.People only use borehole water when the wells in swamps have dried up.Enjobe, masamba nʼembiri bitera huba mu malungu.The sitatungas, mash mongooses and the hippopotami usually stay in swamps. of water

eryomumaajinland in a marshy areaŋaŋuma mere ehula obulaŋi mwirungu hyʼomutyere.There is no other food crop that grows well in swamps like rice.Amacukuyu gahula bulaŋi mu ludodo.Cocoyams grow well in marsh land. of water

oluteeteeteetenfloating grass mat; thick mat of grasses and reeds growing out from a river bank1.5Plant1.3.1.2Swamp

olwabienjabinriver; wide stream of water running towards the sea or lakeManafa njʼolwabi oluhulu mu Bunyole.Manafa is the biggest river in Bunyole. of water

omwombeemyomben1river basin; valley where water flowsEmyaha jinabitaŋo olwabi lucuusa omwombe gwalwo.After many years a river changes its basin. of water1.2.1.4Valley2furrow, channel, ditch in a ploughed garden in which water may flow, esp. after rain fall6.6.7.2Conveying water1.3.1.3River6.6.7Working with water1.3.1Bodies of water6.2.4.3Irrigate8.3.2.5Furrow3tunnel; empty space in the ground or on the surface of an object dug by an animal to sleep in1.6.5Animal home1.2.1.5Underground7.8.6Dig