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ameehondownhill side of a mountainHigosi ohufuga egaali eŋumaho bbulegi mu meeho.It is difficult to ride a brakeless down the hill., sloping8.2.6.4Low8.5.2.5Down

enjuhondepth; deepest part in the middle of a lake, sea or riverEnjuho ya Nalubaale yiri efuuti nkumi edatu nalusanvu nʼehumi na musanvu.The deepest part of lake Victoria is three thousand seven hundred and seventeen feet., lake1.3.1.3River8.2.6.5Deep, shallow8.2.6.4Low1.2.1.5Underground

ohwihav1become low; calm downOmwesi ni gwaduha ohudumbeera hwʼamaaji hwiha ŋaasi.When the moon shines the tide becomes low.; climb downMusisi anabita ebisolo ebiba mu bisaala biiha ŋaasi.When there is an earthquake the animals in the trees climb down. down3squatBehire ni baaga obule.They squatted when weeding millet.7.1.2Sit7.1Posture4fall slowlyOmwesi gwehire ebugwalyuba esaawa edatu ejʼegulo.The moon descended at nine o’clock in the evening. down8.1.4.3Decrease7. down; settle down4.8.4Peace3., roughohwihahovbow; lower the body slightly4.5.5Honor3. down7.1.9Move a part of the body7.1.5Bow