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ameeyeabameeyendrunkard; s.b. who has taken a lot of alcohol5.

ehimeesaebimeesanintoxicant; alcoholic beverage that makes people drunk5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage5.

ehinywereebinywerendrinking party; gathering for drinking alcoholic beverages5. mu hinywere hiralavIdiom. be sworn enemiesSynohutanywa hulusehe lulala4.8.2.9Enemy

ehirabo2ebirabondrinking place where alcohol is sold5.

epetaepetanring; circular band made of precious materials worn on fingers as adornment8.3.1.6Round5.4.1Jewelryeyi mwenge gwahwa epetanIdiom. drunkard5.

eraafunsmell exuded by s.b. who has drunk alcohol5.

eyi mwenge gwahwa epetaaba mwenge gwahwa epetanIdiom. drunkard5. ofepeta

hagulyoabahagulyonnickname for a drunkard9.7.1.6Nickname5.



lujuujulujuujunperson who is drunk5.

luseheesehentube, straw; long narrow hollow cylinder with a sieve at one end used in drinking millet beerOlusehe luli huleeta nʼamasiifa kubanga eseeso yiriho eŋuundu.When I drink,the tube brings the dregs too because there is a hole in the sieve. utensil5. hulusehe lulalavIdiom. be bitter enemiesSynohutanywa mu hinywere hirala4.8.2.9Enemy

ohudiihadiihavgive an overdose; make s.b. drink too much5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink2.5.7.2Medicine5. ofohudiiha

ohugobbohavstagger; walk while swaying from side to side, e.g., when drunk7., slide7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty7.

ohujiiwa2vdrink leftover millet beerOhujiiwa sihumeesa.Drinking leftover millet beer does not make one drunk. beverage5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink5.

ohumeera2vbe drunk due to having consumed a lot of alcoholGameeye ndaasobola hufuga gaali.He got too drunk to be able to ride a bicycle.

ohuniambaniambavstagger; walk clumsilyNageene ahagenge ni haniambaniamba ohutiina mu katale.I met a leper moving in a bad way going to the market. with difficulty7.

ohutagalavar.ohutagajalavstagger, reel about; walk with an unsteady gaitAtagajala anagwe mu lugudo.He is staggering, he will fall in the road., slide7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty7.
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