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amooya mahosanIdiom. very bad person who is not liked; enemyAmooya mahosa ago gakubbiiye omwana wange.That very bad person has beaten my child. ofolwoyawhite feathers

ehinywereebinywerendrinking party; gathering for drinking alcoholic beverages5. mu hinywere hiralavIdiom. be sworn enemiesSynohutanywa hulusehe lulala4.8.2.9Enemy

embwa nʼetihoembwa nʼetihonIdiom. bitter enemy4.8.2.9Enemyder. ofetiho

etihoetihonLeopard; large fierce animal of the cat family that is yellow with black spotsSynengwesp. Panthera pardus fam. Felidae1. nʼetihonIdiom. bitter enemy4.8.2.9Enemy

gasanigasaningod of wrath4.9.2Supernatural beinggasani amooya mahosanIdiom. murderous enemy4.8.2.9Enemy

gasani amooya mahosaaba gasani amooya amahosanIdiom. murderous enemy4.8.2.9Enemyder. ofgasani

hacoolo1abahacoolonenemy; s.b. who is badHacoolo gebire epiiya ja nyina.The bad boy has stolen his mother’s money.4.9.9Irreligion4.3.1.1Bad, immoral4.8.2.9Enemy8. evil to

luseheesehentube, straw; long narrow hollow cylinder with a sieve at one end used in drinking millet beerOlusehe luli huleeta nʼamasiifa kubanga eseeso yiriho eŋuundu.When I drink,the tube brings the dregs too because there is a hole in the sieve. utensil5. hulusehe lulalavIdiom. be bitter enemiesSynohutanywa mu hinywere hirala4.8.2.9Enemy

malyehemalyehenbandit, rebel; bad, stubborn, evil personMalyehe Kony gasalire amatwi gʼabaatu.Kony the bandit cut off people’s ears.4.9.9Irreligion4.3.1.1Bad, immoral4.8.2.9Enemy8. against authority4.3.4.1Do evil to

moyamahosamoyamahosanIdiom. bitter enemy4.8.2.9Enemy

namuhomyavar.omudaama namuhomyanamuhomyanIdiom. enemy, very dangerous person4.8.2.9Enemy

ohutahesaniavbe enemies with s.b. to the point of not greeting each other4.8.2.9Enemy

olwoyaamooyan1feather; structures growing on a bird’s body for warming it and for flightAmooya agalusa amagi gaba manyenyeeri.The feathers that cause the hatching of eggs are velvety. of a bird2fur, wool; thread-like structures growing on the skins of animals6.3.5Wool production1.6.2.1Parts of a bird1.6.2Parts of an animalamooya mahosanIdiom. very bad person who is not liked; enemy4.8.2.9Enemyobwoyanbody hair; thread-like structures growing on a human body, but not on the head2.1.5Hairobwoya wʼohuumonineyelashes; small hairs growing around the eye2.1.1.1Eye

omulabeabalabenenemy in a war4.8.2.9Enemy

omusiguabasigunenemy in a war4.8.2.9Enemy