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ehitabuusibwabuusibwaebitabuusibwabuusibwantrue thing; s.t. beyond doubt9.4.6Yes3.5.1.3True9.4.4.1Certainly, definitely9.4.4.2Sure

enjihisoenjihisonaffirmation; assertion that s.t. is true or it existsKuteeraho enjihiso ti eŋombe yihena emyesi mukaaga ko yasaala.I affirm to you that the gestation period for a cow is six months.9.4.6Yes3.2.5.9Approve of something3.5.1.3True9.4.4.1Certainly, definitely9.4.4.2Sureohutaaho enjihisovaffirm9.4.6Yes3.5.1.3True9.4.4.1Certainly, definitely9.4.4.2Sure

ohusobolavbe able, possible, manageable; can do9.4.2.1Can6.1.3.1Easy, possible9.4.4.3Probably to manage your own affairs; be improvident4. standard6.1.3.3Fail

omumativuabamativuncertain, confident person; s.b. who is assured and has no doubt about s.t.Ndi mumativu ti embwa yinasama yiba yiŋunyiiye ehiitu.I am certain that a dog barks because it has smelt s.t., definitely9.4.4.2Sure3.2.5.1Believe3.4.1.5Confidentohutaba mumativuvbe unsure, undecided, hesitant3.2.5.2Disbelief9.4.4.6Unsure8.'t think so, doubt it7.2.7.3Wait