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aŋabula songaadvIdiom. without reason, an expression used to indicate that there is no cause for anything to happenGajire ŋano ni ŋabula songa.He came here without any purpose. purpose cause

ehyʼamahulu1ebyʼamahulunimportanceHyamahulu hi omumwi ohwaduha guuti?What is the importance of this intense sunshine? status8.3.7.9Valueehibuluwa amahuluadvmeaningless9. purpose

malugaabamaluganvagabond; s.b. who does not settle in one place9. purpose

natehalisaabanatehalisanloiterer, wanderer, vagabond; s.b. who does not settle in one place6. purpose 8.5.3Be at a place7.1.1Stand6.1.5Unemployed, not working7.2.1.3Wander

ohudabakanavloose direct purpose of doing s.t. purpose

ohweyayiravwander; when animals go about without supervision1.6.4.1Animal movement9. purpose