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ehiribaŋoebiribaŋonfuture event8.4.6.4Future8. ofohuba

ehiija ohubaaŋoebiija ohubaaŋoLugandanfuture event; s.t. that will exist or happen after the present time in the future8.4.6.4Future8.

ehyʼomumoniebyʼomumoninfuture event8.4.6.4Future8.

ejo1var.olwejoadvyesterday or tomorrow; day before today or the one after today8., today, tomorrow8.4.6.4Future

ejuusiadv1yesterday but one; two days ago8., today, tomorrow2tomorrow but one; two days to come from today8., today, tomorrow8.4.6.4Futureejuusijuusiadvrecently; a few days ago8.

eyi buuja eyoadvin the future; in the time to come8.4.6.4Future8.

mu moniadv1in the face or in the eye2.1.1.1Eye8.6.1Front2.1.1Head2ahead, in front; at the most forward part of s.t.Gehaaye mu moni jʼomwami.She sat in front of the chief. front of8.6.1Front3in the future; in time to comeMu moni eyo abaatu sibaliŋenyuhanga hu magombe.In future people will not be keeping vigil at the grave. mu monivIdiom. be tough3.5.6.3Facial expression4.4.3.1Brave4.3.3.2Not care2.4.1Strong

obuhyeyeadvtomorrow; when the next sunrise comesHunahabonagane obuhyeye.We shall see each other tomorrow., today, tomorrow8.4.6.4Future

ohubavar.ohubaaŋov1be, exist; be aliveNyina wa Negaga aliŋo; ahiiri mulamu.Negaga’s mother is still alive; she is not dead yet. things9.1.1Be2happenHiina ehibaayeŋo nahabuhiiye semwana?What happened when he shouted at his father?ŋonusual happening, event; s.t. that is common in occurrence8.3.5.3Common8.ŋo aŋa nʼaŋaadvIdiom. regularly, frequently8. aŋʼohubaaŋoninanimate, lifeless thing; s.t. that is not living1.4.1Dead things9.1.3.1Physical, non-physicalehiribaŋonfuture event8.4.6.4Future8. hubaŋonstrange thing8. ohubaaŋonnecessary thing; s.t. that is needed9.4.2.3Necessary ohuba aŋo otivbe undecided9.4.4.6Unsure8.