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aŋataliadvnothing; where there is nothing8.1.5.2None, nothing9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns

ehiituebiitunthing; situation, an action, or an object that is not exactly known or statedEbiitu bibyo biri hu meeza.Your things are on the table.9.1.3Thing9.1.3.1Physical, non-physical9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns1.2.2Substance, matterohuba nʼehiituvhave s.t.7.4Have, be with6.8.1.1Own, possess9.1.1.3Have, ofohutaba nʼehiituvhave nothing8.1.5.2None, nothing9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns7.4.6Not have

ehiitu eyererevar.omuhiŋwerereyebyereerenempty thing; when s.t. is devoid of contents8.1.5.2None, nothing8.1.8.1Empty

muŋuma1adjuselessAbaana babe bosibosi muŋumaamo wa mugaso.All his children are useless. tamu yʼomwenge muŋuma hiitu.The beer pot is empty., nothing8.1.8.1Empty3advnothingMu tiimu muŋuma mugudusi omulaŋi omuteebi.There is no good shooter in the team., nothing9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns

ohubulamo hiituvbe empty; contain nothing inside8.1.5.2None, nothing8.1.8.1Emptyder. ofohubula

ohuhayavar.ohuhayiriravbe in acute need of s.t. and yet completely fail to get it8.1.7.2Lack6.1.3.3Failohuhayaŋovfind nothing; miss out9. result standard8.1.7.2Lack6.1.3.3Fail8.1.5.2None, nothingohuhayisavfail s.b.; cause s.b. to miss out on getting s.t. that they expected or needed8.1.7.2Lack6.1.3.3Fail