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ehitabonehaebitabonehan1s.t. hidden, invisible, unseen, non-physical, intangible; s.t. that can’t be felt, seen nor be touchedEmiigu biitu ebitaboneha.Spirits are invisible things., non-physical2s.t. difficult to believe because of its invisibility3.2.5.2Disbeliefehitabonehabonehans.t. rare, scarce, unusual; not easily seen8.

fa!interjnonsense! an exclamation indicating disbelief3.2.5.2Disbelief3.3.5.2Reject9.2.7Interjections

ohuŋeegavar.ohuŋeegeresav1think, ponder or reflect on, cogitate, turn over in your mind; consider deeply and carefully3.2.2.3Evaluate, test3.2.1.1Think about2imagineNdi mu huŋeega hu hugula egaali, nʼengeri eyʼohusunamo ebbesa njʼengosi.I am deeply thinking about buying a bicycle, but how to get money is what is difficult. about3.2.1.2Imagineohuŋeegahovthink a little about s.t. aboutohutaŋeegavnot to think about3.2.5.2Disbelief3.2.1.1Think about3.1.2.4Ignore3.2.6.1Forget

ohusuubiravthink abut what you expect to be done for you or what will happen to you3.2.7Expect3.2.7.1Hopeohusuubiriravhope in s.t.; tell s.b. what you will do for him in the future3.5.1.9Promise4.7.5.7Take oath4.7.8.1Covenant3.3.2.1Agree to do something6.8.5.2Give pledge, bond4.7.8Legal contract3.2.5.4Agree with someoneohutasuubiravbe hopeless; not to have hope3.2.7.2Hopelessohutasuubiiriravhave no hope in s.b. for what is expected3.2.5.2Disbelief3.2.7.2Hopeless

ohutasuubiiriravhave no hope in s.b. for what is expected3.2.5.2Disbelief3.2.7.2Hopelessder. ofohusuubira

omumativuabamativuncertain, confident person; s.b. who is assured and has no doubt about s.t.Ndi mumativu ti embwa yinasama yiba yiŋunyiiye ehiitu.I am certain that a dog barks because it has smelt s.t., definitely9.4.4.2Sure3.2.5.1Believe3.4.1.5Confidentohutaba mumativuvbe unsure, undecided, hesitant3.2.5.2Disbelief9.4.4.6Unsure8.'t think so, doubt it7.2.7.3Wait