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asundayeabasundayensquatting, crouching person; s.b. who has lowered the body in a sitting posture and sustains this posture supporting it by the thigh muscles onlyAbasirikale balomanga nʼabasibe abasundaaye so si ni behaaye, oba abemereeye.The policemen talked to the prisoners who were squatting and not sitting or standing. down7.1.9Move a part of the body7.1.2Sit7.1Posture7.1.5Bowohusindiha asundayevIdiom. command s.b. who is eager to obey; s.b. who expects the command4.5.3Exercise authority4.5.3.2Command

epuutaepuutanNile Perch; biggest fish that eats other smaller fish. It was introduced into Lake Victoria in recent yearssp. Nile Perch1.6.5Animal home1.6.1.5Fish7.1.2Sit

ohufumba ekumbovsit with the bottom on the ground and the legs drawn up towards you7.1.2Sitder. ofohufumba

ohugombavsit comfortably cross-legged7.1.2Sit

ohugoneravbrood, sit on eggs and cover with wingsEngoho egonereeye obwana.The hen is brooding over the chicks.Engoho yigonera amagi.The hen is sitting on eggs.Engoho egoneeye amagi gosigosi; ŋaŋuma eribonehaho.The hen has gathered and covered all her eggs; not a single one is seen.7.3.7Cover7.1.2Sit6.3.6Poultry raising1.6.3.1Egg6.3.6.1Chicken1.6.4Animal actions

ohujaliisavsit with outstretched legs7.1.2Sit

ohujanjabalavsit or sleep in an inappropriate manner that exposes private parts5.3.8Naked7.1.2Sit5.7Sleep

ohumaamirav1get broody, of a hen looking for a place to lay eggs, or cover protectively under the wings esp. of a hen protecting its chicksEhisonga himamiiye obwana.The hen has covered its chicks under its wings.7.3.7Cover7.1.2Sit6.3.6Poultry raising1.6.3.1Egg6.3.6.1Chicken1.6.4Animal actions2occupy8.5.3Be at a place8.5.4.2Occupy an area

ohusalaho2vsit cross-legged in a disrespectful manner7.1.2Sit4.5.5.2Lack respect

ohusundalavsquat, be in a position when you are close to the ground balancing on the front parts of your feet, with your legs bent under your body7.1.2Sit7.1Posture

ohutandabalavsit with legs apart, often around a fire or while eating, with legs spread out before oneNabageene ni batandabaaye.I found them sitting and relaxing.

ohuyererehavsit while leaning7.1.2Sit

ohwegaata1vsit cross-legged7.1.2Sit

ohweyihalahovseat yourself in a cosy comfortable way7.1.7.1Relaxed posture7.1.2Sit

ohwihav1become low; calm downOmwesi ni gwaduha ohudumbeera hwʼamaaji hwiha ŋaasi.When the moon shines the tide becomes low.; climb downMusisi anabita ebisolo ebiba mu bisaala biiha ŋaasi.When there is an earthquake the animals in the trees climb down. down3squatBehire ni baaga obule.They squatted when weeding millet.7.1.2Sit7.1Posture4fall slowlyOmwesi gwehire ebugwalyuba esaawa edatu ejʼegulo.The moon descended at nine o’clock in the evening. down8.1.4.3Decrease7. down; settle down4.8.4Peace3., roughohwihahovbow; lower the body slightly4.5.5Honor3. down7.1.9Move a part of the body7.1.5Bow
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