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ehibenyinyasaebibenyinyasans.t. disregarded because it is obnoxious3.

ehitendewaebitendewans.t. not liked, or irrelevant3., detest

ekirihindiekirihindinjealousy, animosity; strong feeling of dislike for s.b.Ekirihindi yireeta obulogo.Jealousy urges s.b. to resort to sorcery., ill will3. someone

nabunobenabunobenwife not loved much by a polygamous husband4.3.3.1Hate, ill will3., wife4.3.3Love

ohuhondyolavlook askance at s.b.; view with suspicion or disapprovalWanjala ahandyola buli amusinga obugaaga.Wanjala looks askance at anyone richer than he is. expression3.4.2Feel bad3.4.2.1Sad4.7.5.2Suspect3. of something3.5.1.8Criticize

ohutenda1vdislike, not want to so s.t., detestder. ofohwenda
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