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ekayaanaekayaananwrangle; controversy; dispute4.8.1Hostility4.8.2Fight3.

ekenyeraekenyeranunfriendly hostile dispositionEkenyera yagirire gaŋa esalaŋo embi.Jealousy led him to jaundice his judgement.4.8.1Hostility3.4.2.3Angry4.3.3.1Hate, ill will4.3.4.9Cruel4. harshly4.1.6.1Unfriendly4.8Conflict

eŋalieŋalinjealousy; rivalry between co-wivesNjiiye huŋali.I have married as a co-wife.4.8.1Hostility3. with2.6.1Marriage

obusungunanger, fury; passionate displeasure against s.b. or a situation that makes s.b. want to do harmNaali nʼobusungu bungi ni naŋuliiye ohwitiwa hwa hooja.I had much anger when I heard of the murder of my uncle.4.8.1Hostility3.4.2.3Angry4.3.3.1Hate, ill will4.8.2.8Violent3.

ohusunguŋalavbe angry, irritatedBbaabba gasunguŋaaye eŋombe ni jiriiye obule bubwe mu muga.My father was angry when the cows ate his millet in the garden., ill will3.ŋasavprovoke, annoy, irritate; cause anger4.8.1Hostility3.4.2.3Angry4.3.3.1Hate, ill will3. harshly4.1.6.1Unfriendly
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