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atoolanaatoolananunable, incompetent, unsuitable person; s.b. who is not fit to do s.t., unsuitable6.1.3.3Fail9.4.2.2Can't9.4.4.9Impossible

ehibwatuhiraebibwatuuhiransudden, untimely event; s.t. that happens quickly and without warningObulwaye wʼehibwatuhira.A sudden illness., unsuitable8.4.8.3Sudden8.

ehitaholaebitaholaninapplicable thing; inappropriate thing; unworkable thing8., unsuitable8., proper

ehitalihitereefuadvimproperSihiija, ohuŋamba esaati wayambasa embwa.It is improper to dress a dog with a shirt. standard8., unsuitable8.3.7.7Right, proper

ehitaajaadv1unbecomingSihija, ohuŋamba esaati wayambasa embwa.It is improper to dress a dog with a shirt., unsuitable8.3.7.7Right, proper2uncalled for, unnecessary; s.t. done without causeEhyʼohuhubba omuhasi oti ndʼanyiiya hiba ehitaaja kuba ndʼomuguliramere.Beating your wife that she did not cook food is without cause, because you did not buy any food to cook. cause3inapplicable, unsuitable; s.t. that doesn’t apply or doesn’t arise8., unsuitable8., proper

ehitoolaebitoolansuitable; s.t. unsuitable, s.t. inappropriate, s.t. not fittingSihyola ohwambala esapatu mu kereziya.It is not fitting to wear slippers when in a place of worship., unsuitable8., proper

mbyoneadjbad, not good, unacceptable; improperSaaholaho hiitu hiraŋi bbe; geeba, saataamba sigeyoga ko nʼebindi bityo.He does nothing good; he steals; he doesn’t work he howls and such things. standard8., unsuitable4.3.1.1Bad, immoral8., properehya mbyonenbad action, behaviour4. standard4.9.9Irreligion4.3.1.1Bad, immoral8. evil to

obwononohindefect; incorrectness; spoilageEgaali eriho obwononohi.The bicycle has a spoilt part.4.4.2Trouble8., unsuitable4.

ohubbumbutalavbe out of place; place yourself incongruously in a placeMu luhiiho gabbumbutaaye mu bahasi mu hifo hyʼohuba mu basinde bahye.At the meeting he incongruously sat among women and not among his fellow men., sequence8., unsuitable8.5.3Be at a place

ohuhusav1nurture, take responsibility to bring up, esp. a child6.3Animal husbandry2. a child2cause to grow2.6.4.6Grow, get bigger3promote in rank3. a larger degree4.5.6Status4.5.6.1High statusohutehusavbe undignified8., unsuitable4. in behaviorohwehusav1make yourself prominent; be self-important4.3.2.4Show off4.3.2.3Proud3. maturely; show yourself as a mature person in character4.3.1.3Mature in behavior2.6.4.4Adult

ohutehusavbe undignifiedHiba hya hutehusa omwami ohweyibirira ohutiina hu mahina gʼabafufuka owiire.It is undignified for a chief to stealthily go to a teenager’s dance at night., unsuitable4. in behaviorder. ofohuhusa

ohutoola2vnot fitEhiteteeyi ehyʼoŋira hisobola ohutoola mwana wuwo.The dress you are taking will likely not fit your daughter., unsuitable8., size

ohutoolanav1be unequal, dissimilar8. unsuitable, inadequate, incorrect, not fitting the requirements, e.g., in barter trade4. standard8.1.7.2Lack8., unsuitable8.1.5.9Average8.3.7.4Mediocre6.1.2.4Work poorly3be incompetent; unable to do s.t., unsuitable6.1.3.3Fail9.4.2.2Can't9.4.4.9Impossible

ohwesumaalihavstand incongruously, where one looks out of place8., unsuitable7.1Posture

ohwetegululav1stand at attention like a soldier, or without resting7.2.7.1Stop moving7.1.7Straight posture7.1.1Stand2stand where one is not wanted8., unsuitable7.1.1Stand

omubiababinsinner; bad personOmuutu aba mubi nʼatasanyusa bandi, oba nabaletera ebigosi,oba nʼabakosa.S.b. is bad when they are not pleasant to the others, or cause them problems, or harm them.Kwita kibba kibi. standard4.7.3Break the law8., unsuitable4.9.9Irreligion4.3.1.1Bad, immoral8. evil to