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atengavar.ateconjyet; despite that; moreover; howeverYesi genda omuhaana omulaŋi, atenga wʼepaata ate muhayire.He also loves a beautiful girl, despite that he is bald and old.Ogeene ohuleeta esaani atenga wenda ohulya ebiryo?You have refused to bring the plates and yet you want to eat food? of transition conjunctions9.6.1.1And, also9.2.5Conjunctions

era1conjadditionallyEra gamulabbiiye ohutagaluhaho ohwiba nindi.In addition he urged him not to steal again., also

koniconj1and, also, in additionMudumba koni Muhwana basaani ba Musimami.Mudumba and Muhwana are Musimami’s sons. of transition, also9.2.5Conjunctions2however, but; remark for reminding s.b.Koni, kubona wambala engaato jonyene, esokisi jiriŋe!But, I see you wearing only the shoes, where are the socks! of transition conjunctions9.2.5Conjunctionskoniŋoconjthen, after that8.4.5.1Order, sequence9.6.2.7Purpose 8.4.5Relative time9.6.2.6Result9.6.3.1Markers of transition conjunctions8.

nivar.neconj1plus; and; alsoWere ni Jiraya bahuumi.Were and Jiraya are protecting gods., also2with9.6.1.3Association9.5.2.2With, be with9.5.2.1Together9.5.3.3With (a patient), do with someone8. the same time9.6.1.4Combinative relation3consequentlyNi naaŋo kuŋʼamagesi oje omuhubbire amafuha.Consequently I am advising you to go and apologise to him. of topic9.6.2.9Concession9.6.2.6Result9.6Connected with, related