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atoolanaatoolananunable, incompetent, unsuitable person; s.b. who is not fit to do s.t., unsuitable6.1.3.3Fail9.4.2.2Can't9.4.4.9Impossible

ehibbalangafuebibbalangafundifficult thing; s.t. very difficult or complicated to understand or to deal with6.1.3Difficult, impossible7.5.8Simple, complicated4.4.2.1Problem9.4.4.9Impossible

ehisitoebisiton1heavy; s.t. needing a lot of effort to move or lift8.2.9.1Heavy2s.t. needing skill or effort to do or solve, s.t. that is difficult or not easy6.1.3Difficult, impossible7.5.8Simple, complicated4.4.2.1Problem9.4.4.9Impossible

ehitahombehahoebitahombehahon1impossible thing; unachievable thing; unattainable thing; Ohuba hyʼabamalayika cehiitu ehitahombehaho.Being like angels is s.t. unachievable.6.1.3Difficult, impossible9.4.4.9Impossible2bland, tasteless; s.t. not easy to taste2.3.3Taste

ehitaŋambihahoebitaŋambihahon1intangible, abstract thing; s.t. you cannot put in your hands3.2.1.2Imagine9.1.3.1Physical, non-physical2slippery thing7., slide2.3.5Sense of touch3s.t. unachievable, beyond reachOhumyasa hyʼeryuba cehiitu ehitaŋambihaho.Glittering like the sun is s.t. beyond reach.6.1.3Difficult, impossible9.4.4.9Impossible

ehitaŋangihaebitaŋangihans.t that is impossible or unmanageable6.1.3Difficult, impossible9.4.4.9Impossible

ehitasaadihaebitasaadihanMetaphor. hard, difficult problem to solveBatulomire ohuŋa omuŋendo gwemundu mu hyalo hyosihyosi ne wange sihyasadiha!We have been told to give the number of guns in the whole world but, my friend, it is hard to crack!4.4.2Trouble6.1.3Difficult, impossible7.5.8Simple, complicated4.4.2.1Problem4.4.2.6Suffer9.4.4.9Impossible

ehitasobohaebitasobohans.t. impossible to do or that cannot exist6.1.3Difficult, impossible9.4.4.9Impossible

ehitoolehahoebitoolehahoninaccessible thing; position or situation that is impossible to attain6.1.3Difficult, impossible9.4.4.9Impossible

ehyomuadj1difficult; s.t. requiring special effort, skill or planning to deal with6.1.3Difficult, impossible7.5.8Simple, complicated4.4.2.1Problem9.4.4.9Impossible2firm, hard; s.t. that is not soft8.3.6.2Hard, firm8.3.6.3Stiff, flexible8.3.6.1Strong, brittle3dried, parched; s.t. without wetnessOwomu sibuuhuganya hutema mbago ŋaasi.The dryness makes it difficult to use a hoe for digging.

ohutahenaŋovbe unable to completeEfula yindeteeye ohutahenaŋo ohwaga omuga.The rain caused me not to complete weeding my plot., finish9.4.2.2Can't9.4.4.9Impossible

ohutoolanav1be unequal, dissimilar8. unsuitable, inadequate, incorrect, not fitting the requirements, e.g., in barter trade4. standard8.1.7.2Lack8., unsuitable8.1.5.9Average8.3.7.4Mediocre6.1.2.4Work poorly3be incompetent; unable to do s.t., unsuitable6.1.3.3Fail9.4.2.2Can't9.4.4.9Impossible