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ayatayatnone of the verses in the holy Koran4.9.3.1Sacred writings

egambiravar.egambiamagambiran1law, rules such as the government enacts, that is used to order the way in which one behaves in societyDisiturikiti komisona atulomeeye amagambira gʼohuhoma famba.The DC has informed us of the regulations about planting cotton.4.5.3Exercise authority4.6Government4.7Law4.5Authority4.7.1Laws4.6.4Rule2guideline3.3.3.2Advise7.2.5.3Guide3.2.2Learn4.7.1Laws3fundamental law of a country4.7Law4.7.8Legal contract4.7.1Laws4Torah; the Law of MosesAmagambi aga Hiwumbe gaŋaaye Musa hu lusosi olwʼe Sinai,njʼagafuga abaatu bomuhyalo hyosi.The laws that God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai are the ones that order the way all the people in the world should behave. writings4.9.7.6Judaismohuŋamba amagambivIdiom. obey4.3.2.2Humble3.3.2.4Willing4.5.4Submit to authority4.5.4.1Obeyohuŋambira amagambi mu ngalovIdiom. administer jungle law, i.e., illegal justice, by acting outside of the law4. justice

ehikanoniebikanoniEnglishncanonical law4.9.3.1Sacred writings

esuulaesuulanchapter; one of the parts into which a book or a text is divided, that is usually numbered3.5.7.2Written material8.1.6.1Part4.9.3.1Sacred writings

evanjirivar.enjirievanjiriGreeknGospel; record of Christ’s life contained Matthew, Mark, Luke and John4.9.7.2Christianity4.9.3.1Sacred writings

hadiisihadiisinIslamic teaching of Mohammed4.9.7.3Islam4.9.3.1Sacred writings

olubuembun1turn; when one is due to do s.t. where things are one after the other4.3.4.3Cooperate with8. in a book3.5.7.2Written material8.1.6.1Part4.9.3.1Sacred writings

olunyiririenyiririn1line, row; things arranged that follow each otherSynomusitaaleomutoolo8.; line to be read in the Bible3.5.3.1Word4.2.3.3Sing4.9.3.1Sacred writings3.5.4.4Poetry

tabuleetitabuleetiEnglishnTorah; the books of Moses4.9.3.1Sacred writings4.9.7.6Judaism