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bitye?interjhow are things? How is it? a greeting3.

hu limointerjgreeting; word used by the people when they enter a house to announce their being inside4., receive3. are in

hu liyointerjreply when greeted after the person greeting says ‘how is it over there?’, receive3. are there


kalibbuinterj‘welcome’ a greeting to s.b. arriving at a place4., receive3.

keheese abeeyointerjIdiom. greet them; ask s.b. to pass greetings to the people of the place you are heading to3. farewell

kojeeyointerjhello, how are you there? a form of greeting3.

mulameinterj‘peace be with you’ a greeting3.

mulameyointerj‘peace be with you there’ a greeting3.

ohuheesavgreet4., receive3. greetings; ask s.b. how they are on the first meeting4., receive3.

ohuheesaniavexchange greetings; ask s.b. how they are on the first meeting4., receive3. ofohuheesa

ohuŋuubavswing s.t.Eŋombe yiŋuuba omuhira gwayo ohweŋemaho esoŋera.The cow swings its tail to chase flies away.7.3Move something7.2.2.8Move back and forthohuŋuuba omuhonovwave the hand, as a greeting3. farewell

ohweŋuubavswing after hanging, e.g., when committing suicide7.2.2.8Move back and forth7.

ohuŋwayav1wave at3. farewell2signal, flag down, e.g., a bus3.5.6.1Gesture3swat at; drive away mosquitoes, flies etc.6.4.6Things done to animals

ohwihav1become low; calm downOmwesi ni gwaduha ohudumbeera hwʼamaaji hwiha ŋaasi.When the moon shines the tide becomes low.; climb downMusisi anabita ebisolo ebiba mu bisaala biiha ŋaasi.When there is an earthquake the animals in the trees climb down. down3squatBehire ni baaga obule.They squatted when weeding millet.7.1.2Sit7.1Posture4fall slowlyOmwesi gwehire ebugwalyuba esaawa edatu ejʼegulo.The moon descended at nine o’clock in the evening. down8.1.4.3Decrease7. down; settle down4.8.4Peace3., roughohwihahovbow; lower the body slightly4.5.5Honor3. down7.1.9Move a part of the body7.1.5Bow

oliyointerjhow are you? a greeting3. you there?

otye?interjhow are you? a greeting3.