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bosibosiproall of them8.1.5All

buliadvevery, each; determiner that is used when referring to all the members of a groupBabiisye buli nyumba ni bendula ebiitu ebiibe.They searched every house for stolen commodities.Synhiisi8.1.5.3Both9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns8.1.5Allbuli hiseeraadvevery time8. time9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns8.1.5Allbuli hiituproeverything9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns8.1.5Allbuli ludaaloadvdaily; every day8. ŋaatuadveverywhere8.5.1.7Indefinite location9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns8.1.5Allehitali hya bulijonunusual thing8. bulijonroutine; usual thing8.3.5.3Common8.

ehibberereriebibberererins.t. whole, complete; s.t. in its entirety8.1.6Whole, complete9.3.2Completely8.1.5All

ehiŋooyeebiŋooyencomplete thing; s.t. that has been completed8.1.6Whole, complete9.3.2Completely8.1.5All

ehirambaebirambanwhole, complete thing; s.t. that is not divided or not lacking any part or s.t. comprising the full quantity or amount8.1.6Whole, complete9.3.2Completely8.1.5All

hyosivar.hyosihyosiadvall, wholly, totally; when s.t. is complete and not divided8.1.6Whole, complete9.3.2Completely8.1.5All

nabuliadvevery; all members collectivelyBosibosi nabuli agaali naŋuma tikiti yʼomusolo bamuŋambire.All those without poll tax tickets were arrested. pronouns8.1.5All