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buliadvevery, each; determiner that is used when referring to all the members of a groupBabiisye buli nyumba ni bendula ebiitu ebiibe.They searched every house for stolen commodities.Synhiisi8.1.5.3Both9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns8.1.5Allbuli hiseeraadvevery time8. time9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns8.1.5Allbuli hiituproeverything9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns8.1.5Allbuli ludaaloadvdaily; every day8. ŋaatuadveverywhere8.5.1.7Indefinite location9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns8.1.5Allehitali hya bulijonunusual thing8. bulijonroutine; usual thing8.3.5.3Common8.

ehicaamuebicaamunabnormal; s.t. wrong esp. in s.b.’s way of thinking or behaviourOliho ehicaamu, siwahali nga ohubbira oluhero mu baatu.There is s.t. wrong with you to be shouting so loudly in public. standard8., immoral8.

ehitabonehaebitabonehan1s.t. hidden, invisible, unseen, non-physical, intangible; s.t. that can’t be felt, seen nor be touchedEmiigu biitu ebitaboneha.Spirits are invisible things., non-physical2s.t. difficult to believe because of its invisibility3.2.5.2Disbeliefehitabonehabonehans.t. rare, scarce, unusual; not easily seen8.

ehitabonehabonehaebitabonehabonehans.t. rare, scarce, unusual; not easily seen8. ofehitaboneha

ohutera1vhave a habit to do s.t.Atera ohwenda ohunywa sigala atenga alwasa ebifoofo.He has a habit to smoke cigarettes yet affects his lungs.3.2.8Tendency4.3.9.2Habit4.3Behavior4.3.9.1Customohutateravbe infrequent, rare; happen not often8. ohubonehabonehavbe frequent doing s.t. ohuholavusually do8. irregular in acting or appearing8.

ohuterateravbe irregular in acting or appearingNguhu saateratera hutuhyalira.Grandmother does not often visit us. ofohutera1

omudakaaniabadakaanindeviant; s.b. who behaves abnormally4. standard8.