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bbevar.amwembeinterjno; expression to indicate denial or negationBbe, ese sindi mwiibi. Bbe otatiina hu muga, sʼaliyo.No, I am not a thief. No, don’t go to the garden, he is not there.Onanjeedeho? Amwe, ese ndembire.Will you help me? Not at all, I am tired. to do something9.4.6.1No, not

kadiadvneverSogobolangaho kadi.Never do [that] again., not8. wayideadvnot at all9.4.6.1No, not

kadi wayideadvnot at all9.4.6.1No, notder. ofkadi

ohwefuula1vdeny doing s.t.Omwibi nolubamuŋamba ni geeba gefuula.A thief will deny being one even when caught red-handed., not3.3.5.2Reject3.5.2.4Admit4.8.1.1Oppose

ohwegaanavdeny; refuse to acceptPetero gegeene Yesu efunda edatu ngeʼngoho jiholyoha.Peter denied Jesus three times before cock crow., not3.3.5.2Reject3.5.2.4Admit4.8.1.1Opposeder. ofohugaana