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bbeduadvfull to the brim; s.t. is completely full when nothing more can be addedOmwenge gwijuuye etamu bbedu.The pot of beer is full to the brim.8.1.6Whole, complete8.1.8Full9.3.2Completely

cwivar.bbe cwiadvcompletely; s.t. given out is said to be exhausted when it is completely finishedŋano omwenge guli bbe cwicwicwi.Here the beer is all exhausted. something8.1.6Whole, complete6., finish8.

ehibberereriebibberererins.t. whole, complete; s.t. in its entirety8.1.6Whole, complete9.3.2Completely8.1.5All

ehihubbirehoebihubbirehonoverflowing thing; s.t. that is full to the brim, so full that there is no room to add anything more8.1.6Whole, complete8.1.8Full9.3.2Completely

ehiŋooyeebiŋooyencomplete thing; s.t. that has been completed8.1.6Whole, complete9.3.2Completely8.1.5All

ehirambaebirambanwhole, complete thing; s.t. that is not divided or not lacking any part or s.t. comprising the full quantity or amount8.1.6Whole, complete9.3.2Completely8.1.5All

ehireheteebirehetencontainer that is not full with contents8.1.6Whole, complete8.1.8Full9.3.2Completely

ehiijufuebiijufuns.t. full, complete; s.t. is full when its contents accumulate up to its brim, and there is no more room for any more8.1.6Whole, complete8.1.8Full9.3.2Completely

hyosivar.hyosihyosiadvall, wholly, totally; when s.t. is complete and not divided8.1.6Whole, complete9.3.2Completely8.1.5All

ohudumbeesavfill to the brimGadumbehiise ehiŋonolero obusyanu bbedu!She filled the flour basket with flour to the brim!8.1.6Whole, complete8.1.8Full9.3.2Completelyder. ofohudumbeera

ohuŋwavget used up, finishedOmwenge ohuŋwa amangu gubayeeho abaatu bangi abagunywoye.There were many people to drink the beer that is why it got finished quickly. something6., finish8. up9.3.2Completelyohuŋwera eralavbe completely finished8. something6., finish8.ŋwavnot complete s.t. something8.1.6Whole, complete6., finish8.