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dengedengeadvsingly; s.t. appears singly when it appears one by oneBamusaaye dengedenge atyo.He is the only child of his parents., alone9.2.3.6Personally8.1.5.7Only

enjabuhanaenjabuhanan1separationOhutasoma hwaletireŋo enjabuhana ŋagati wuwe nʼabaganda babe.Being illiterate brought about his separation between him and his brothers., scatter4.1.6.3Alone4.4.2.5Separate, alone4.1.6Disunity2.6.1.4Divorce2conversion, from one religion to anotherOhuteenda husiiba hwaletireŋo enjabuhana yiye nʼehisiraamu gacuuha gehirihisa mu Kuristo.The dislike for fasting brought about his conversion from Islam to Christianity. person

mulalamulalaadvone by one; people move one by one when the move singly without a mate8., alone9.2.3.6Personally8.1.5.7Only

wogobbowogobbonsingle thing; only one of s.t.Eriyo embusi ndala wogobbo.There is only a single goat., alone9.2.3.6Personally8.1.5.7Only