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dengedengeadvsingly; s.t. appears singly when it appears one by oneBamusaaye dengedenge atyo.He is the only child of his parents., alone9.2.3.6Personally8.1.5.7Only

ehihasiebihasinfemale; living creature that gives birth or lays eggsBuli hitonde ehihasi cehirabirira ebyana.Every female creature looks after its young.2.6.5Male, female2.6.5.2Womanomuhasi ehalanIdiom. mere woman6., irresponsible2.6.5.2Woman8.1.5.7Only

mulalamulalaadvone by one; people move one by one when the move singly without a mate8., alone9.2.3.6Personally8.1.5.7Only

ohwebayulabayulavform a clique; deviate from the commonly agreed way of doing things, and even convince others to follow4.2.1.7Crowd, group4.2.1Come together, form a group8.3.5Type, kind4.1.6Disunity8.1.5.7Only4.2.1.9Social group

omudeerwaabadeerwanonly child; s.b. who is the only child of a mother8.

wogobbowogobbonsingle thing; only one of s.t.Eriyo embusi ndala wogobbo.There is only a single goat., alone9.2.3.6Personally8.1.5.7Only